Apple Introduced the Watch Series 6 with a Blood Oxygen Meter

With the absence of the iPhone 12, the Apple Watch Series 6 became one of the protagonists of the event “Time flies” that the Cupertino company broadcast this Tuesday, September 15, 2020 from its headquarters in California, United States.

The presentation placed special emphasis on the smart watch as a tool to prevent disease and improve health. For that, testimonies of people who had even been saved from death were made known thanks to the data provided by the watch.

Apple Watch Series 6

As anticipated, the Apple Watch Series 6 has the long-awaited application to measure oxygen saturation in the blood. The blood oxygen sensor uses four groups of green, red, and infrared LEDs, along with four photodiodes on the rear glass, to measure light reflected from the blood.

Then Apple Watch uses a custom algorithm built into the Blood Oxygen app, which is designed to measure oxygen in your blood between 70 and 100 percent. On-demand measurements can be taken while the user is still, and periodic measurements can be taken when they are inactive, even during sleep. All data will be visible in the Health app and the user will be able to track trends over time to see how their blood oxygen level changes.

On a hardware level, the Apple Watch Series 6 offers some interesting internal updates.

It comes with the new S6 processor, which promises up to 20 percent faster performance. It is based on Apple’s internal A13 chip and brings the first major performance upgrade to the Apple Watch since Series 4.

According to the company, the Apple Watch Series 6 offers a faster charge, completing a full recharge in less than 1.5 hours. It also offers longer battery life for tracking certain workouts, such as indoor and outdoor races.

The Always-on Retina display was also improved on the Apple Watch Series 6 and is up to 2.5 times brighter outdoors than the Apple Watch Series 5.

Another novelty is the barometric altimeter that provides real-time elevation data. This function allows the detection of small changes in height above or below ground level.

In terms of tonalities, for the first time, a new blue color joins the silver, space gray and gold aluminum case options, along with a new Red finish with exclusive bright red bands.

The stainless steel models are now available in graphite, gray-black with a high-gloss finish and a classic gold color. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch Edition is available in natural titanium and space black.

In addition, Apple announced a new strap called “Solo Loop” that is made of a piece of silicone, without buckles or adjustments.

It is available in a variety of styles and seven different colors. There is also a braided Solo Loop made of yarn that is available in five colors. Finally, Apple released a new leather strap.

With regard to watch faces (or Faces), Apple introduced, among others, a GMT dial that displays several time zones at once.

You can also choose one that records the elapsed time and a tachymeter. There is also a typographic watch face that allows you to choose between four different types of fonts. And finally, there is a watch face with memojis.

The Apple Watch Series 6 will retail for $ 399.

But the technology giant also launched a new smartwatch, but cheaper: the Apple Watch SE, which comes to replace the Watch Series 3. The Watch SE will cost $ 279.