Apple Discounts on Education for Teachers and Students

Apple Discounts on Education for Teachers and Students

It is a reality that students do not have a very high purchasing power, and the acquisition of technological products can be a challenge due to its high price. That is why Apple makes available to these groups the possibility of acquiring an iPad or a Mac with a small discount, previously justifying this educational conduct. In this article we tell you all the details to be able to access this student Store.

Requirements to access these discounts

In the event that you want to access these discounts, obviously you have to meet some important requirements. All these pursue as long as you have the right to have to pay less money for your products whenever you are going to dedicate yourself to an educational task.

Being inside a university, and being able to prove it

These student discounts are designed above all for those who are university or college students. But this academic condition must be able to be demonstrated correctly and this is not done at first with the registration. At any university, when this condition is obtained, an institutional email address is received and it has a domain that normally corresponds to the acronym of the university, such as ‘@’.

estudiante universitario

This is an essential requirement to be able to demonstrate your condition in the purchase process. Although, it is not limited only to being a student since teachers also have the right as well as anyone who has some kind of relationship with the teaching activity of a university. That is why on Apple’s own website it is detailed that these discounts are for purchases at the university in general.

Sign up for UNiDAYS

When Apple shows that you are studying at a university, it makes use of the UNiDAYS service. That is, they hire an external company to be able to carry out this verification, not wanting to do it themselves by compiling the academic documents. That is why the second requirement to take into account is to have an account in UNiDAYS and that your involvement with the university is verified.

Whenever you need to check the prices you have in the Apple Store for the university, you must first log in to UNiDAYS. It is for the rest that the process at the end is quite simple to carry out to be able to buy with this type of discounts. The only thing that must be taken into account is that to be registered you must have the previous requirement and the student who is in a lower study is not valid in any case.

What you should know about UNiDAYS

As we say, access to UNiDAYS must be mastered in order to have access to all these discounts. We will tell you below everything you need to know about this platform that goes beyond the Apple company.

What is UNiDAYS?

UNiDAYS is in a very simple way a website that offers different discounts. As soon as you enter, you can find an interesting division between different types of products, from clothing to technology. The ‘problem’ it has is that it is intended only for college students who have an institutional email address that is used in the registration process.

As we have commented previously, this website, in addition to managing Appel discounts, you can also find other relevant brands. Among them you can find Samsung, Google, Adobe but beyond technology there are also clothing brands such as Adidas. In the end, it acts like other websites that also gather discounts in third-party stores and manage all these offers but aimed at a really specific and very niche audience that may be interested in this type of product.

How can you register

On the UNiDAYS website, which can be accessed from Apple’s website, there is a space dedicated to registration. In this you must indicate all your personal data as well as the email and password that you want to determine to be able to log in later. Once you have passed this requirement, you will have to fill in more information related especially to the institution where you are studying . The truth is that they have a quite important database with all the universities available in the Spanish territory and there are also agreements with foreign institutions. In addition to the name of the university, you must also enter how long your degree lasts and how long you have been in the university.


Once you have entered this information, you can choose different verification systems. The most common of them is to be redirected to the moodle platform of the university in question where the virtual teaching task is carried out, such as uploading different content. But if your university does not have a moodle platform, it is also possible to verify through institutional email. The web will ask you for your email with the university’s domain. When verifying that it is correct, it will send an email with a link that verifies the account in general, having to access this account to verify that it is yours.

Once this process has been done, you will be able to access this account that you have created to enjoy all the discounts it has on the different websites it offers. It should be borne in mind that the institution in which you are enrolled must always be renewed annually since, as is logical, with the passage of time you may be out of the university from one year to the next, so it will periodically request this verification.

How to buy at Apple with a college discount

At the time of making the purchase in Apple it is necessary to have that not all the products have discounts since it is quite limited. In addition, it should also be taken into account that you have to access a special space on Apple’s own website to make this purchase.

What can you buy cheaper as a student?

As we say, there is a fairly limited list of products that can be purchased at a reduced price. In addition, it must also be taken into account that at the time of making this purchase it will not be possible to make a deduction of taxes such as VAT as it cannot be associated with a business account. In this case, you should always assess very well that it compensates you more between these two situations that are going to arise. To give you an idea, the products that have a variable discount are the following:

  • MacBook Air.
  • MacBook Pro.
  • iMac.
  • Mac Pro.
  • Mac mini.
  • Pro Display XDR.
  • iPad Pro.
  • iPad Air.
  • iPad.
  • iPad mini.
  • Various accessories.

Apple Store universitarios

You can see in the list some relevant absences such as the iPhone. In this case, Apple does not consider this equipment as essential for educational tasks. This does not happen with the Mac or the iPad that if it can be used in a comfortable way when making notes but the iPhone or the Apple Watch is not within this type of product in relation to education.

Access to the university Apple Store

Keep in mind that to access these products you have to enter a special part of the Apple Store. This is where the necessary credentials will be requested in UNiDAYS so that the correct purchase of all the products that we have discussed previously can be made at a reduced price. This section is at the end of which part of Apple where it specifically says ‘Shopping for college’. Upon entering you will see that you are asked to link through UNiDAYS. When you say that you are already registered, you will simply have to log in and a different Store will automatically load you.

Here all the products that are necessary will be grouped. To make the purchase you simply have to click on each of them. At the moment you can choose the characteristics that you want and obviously here the price will vary, although the discount on large equipment is normally around 100 euros. The purchase process in general is identical to that of the traditional Store and the delivery times are also the same. The only real difference is the price.