Apple is developing new services based on artificial intelligence

Apple is at the forefront of innovation once again, this time venturing into the realm of health with a groundbreaking new service centered around artificial intelligence. This foray into uncharted territory is set to revolutionize the way we approach our well-being and enhance the quality of our lives. Curious to know what Apple’s next leap in health technology entails? We have all the details in this comprehensive article.

New services based on artificial intelligence


Speculations have been circulating about Apple’s plans to introduce a new service called Quartz, integrated into Apple One, in the coming year. This service, fueled by artificial intelligence, has the potential to revolutionize our communication within the Apple ecosystem and contribute to overall well-being.

Quartz is designed to assist users in various aspects of their lives, including exercise, nutrition, and sleep. By leveraging the data collected from the Apple Watch, the service will generate personalized recommendations and actionable insights tailored to each individual’s needs and goals. Through its intelligent algorithms, Quartz aims to empower users to make informed decisions and adopt healthier lifestyle practices.

About the launch of the new service

According to public sources, including Mark Gurman, the anticipated launch of the Quartz service is set for 2024. While the subscription price is still unknown, it’s expected that Apple will follow its recent pricing strategies, potentially offering it at around 5.99 euros per month. There may also be a promotional offer of a three-month free plan for those purchasing a new Apple Watch.

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Evidence suggesting a 2024 release can be found in the iOS 17 beta, where a new feature called “mood analysis” is included in the Health app. Furthermore, the introduction of the Diary app, which allows users to document their daily activities and stress levels, indicates that the launch of Quartz is drawing closer. The fact that the Health app is also coming to the iPad further supports the notion that this highly anticipated service will soon become a reality.

A top service

Undoubtedly, if you are using the Apple Watch for your fitness activities, the integration of artificial intelligence into the Quartz service holds incredible potential. The wealth of data collected by AI can offer valuable insights to improve our overall well-being, an aspect that is increasingly gaining importance.

Apple’s approach to ensuring the non-invasiveness of this new service is commendable. The goal is to obtain data indirectly, without requiring users to actively input information about their daily lives. With Apple’s track record of seamlessly functioning ecosystems, it is highly likely that they will execute this with finesse.

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Developing a comprehensive system of measurements and algorithms has been a complex undertaking for Apple. This intricate process allows for detailed analysis of various aspects, including tracking how frequently we interact with our devices like the iPhone or Apple Watch. Rest assured, all the collected information will be stored securely on your mobile device, prioritizing privacy, a cornerstone of Apple’s values.

Only time will tell if Apple’s strategy for Quartz proves successful or if it will initially be perceived as a latecomer. However, history has shown that Apple’s products tend to evolve gradually yet with exceptional results. The Apple Watch is a testament to this, gradually gaining prominence and becoming an essential technology in our daily lives.