Antivirus plugins for Chrome and Firefox to prevent attacks

There are many options available to us to keep us safe while browsing the Internet and using devices. The most common thing is to install an antivirus, since this type of program will prevent the entry of malware and notify us in case there is something strange. But there is not only this option, since there are many more tools. In this article we are going to focus on security browser extensions. Basically you will be able to install an antivirus in Chrome or Firefox and improve protection.

Why protect the browser

Antivirus plugins for Chrome and Firefox to prevent attacks

Cyber attacks can affect many programs that we use in our day to day. But without a doubt the browser is one of the most affected. At the end of the day, it is the one we use to surf the net, to open web pages, log in to social networks, forums…

When browsing the Internet we can make mistakes . For example, clicking on a link that takes us to a malicious site and starts downloading a file that is actually malware. You may also mistakenly install a so-called Chrome or Firefox update that is actually a virus.

For all this it is very important to always protect the browser . Sometimes it is not enough just to have an antivirus installed on the system, such as Windows. It is necessary to take certain extra precautions and that is where security extensions for the browser come into play. You can install an antivirus for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or the browser you use.

This will give you that extra security. It will allow you to reduce the risk of suffering computer attacks that endanger your privacy when browsing. It is something that will undoubtedly come in handy in order to improve protection and solve possible problems when browsing the net.

Instalar extensiones con seguridad

Antivirus for Chrome

You can find these antivirus for the browser for the main programs and one of them is the case of Chrome . They are extensions that you install and run whenever you open the browser. They will be there acting in the background, analyzing the pages you visit, warning you if you download any potentially dangerous file, etc. There are many options, as you will see.


The first antivirus for Chrome that we want to show is WebDefender. It has been created with the aim of keeping the browser free of viruses, malware and always keeping personal information protected. Alert in case there is some type of data leak or when entering a page that can be classified as dangerous and contains malicious software.

You can download it from the Chrome store and automatically start protecting the browser and detecting possible malicious files that may affect your computer. It is very easy to use, since you only have to install it and it will automatically start analyzing your browsing to alert you to possible problems.

virus checker

One of the most important security risks when using the browser is when downloading a file from the Internet . This is where we can find malware that puts our computer at risk. What Virus Checker does is verify all the files that we download from Chrome and analyze if it contains any malicious software or if it is something reliable.

It is based on data obtained through a database of more than 60 antiviruses. It does not need any type of configuration, since once you download and install it, it will work automatically. It will take care of analyzing everything you download and launching a warning notice if it detects that something is wrong.


A very interesting plugin is VT4Browser. It belongs to the popular VirusTotal. It is responsible for analyzing the links that are received by the browser, files and documents that may be dangerous. It uses an updated database where they compare those files to see if they might contain any threats.

It is very useful to download some file from the Internet and we do not know if it is really legit or not. Simply with VT4Browser we can click analyze and it will show us if it is a security problem or if we can trust it and download it without problems.

To use VT4Browser we have to go to the Chrome add-on store website and download it there. It’s free and an icon will automatically appear in the browser bar and you’ll be ready to start analyzing links and downloads when using the Google browser.


Another very popular plugin is WOT. Its mission is to alert pages that may be a fraud . It will also use a database where it stores information on sites that may be a scam and alerts us to it. This prevents us from downloading malicious software, entering Phishing sites or clicking on a link that is a fraud.

Basically it will work as a traffic light. If it appears in red, it means that this page is dangerous and that it has detected some known problem. If it comes out in yellow, it means that precautions must be taken since there could be certain dangers. On the other hand, if the color is green it means that the site is trustworthy.

You can download the WOT extension from the official Chrome store . An icon will be added to the browser and it will start working automatically.

Google Chrome mejora la seguridad

Security add-ons for Firefox

In the Firefox browser you will also be able to install some security add-ons to protect yourself when you surf the net. We are going to show a list of some of the most popular and useful to avoid attacks and avoid falling into the trap of a Phishing website that steals data.

Web Threat Shield

An interesting extension that you can use in Firefox is Web Threat Shield. It helps you avoid cyber attacks when you surf the net. It is responsible for detecting sites that may be dangerous and blocks them so that you don’t fall into the trap when entering personal data or downloading a file.

It is a complement to traditional antivirus. You will be able to download this extension from the official Firefox store and it will start protecting your browsing. It works simply and automatically. As soon as it detects a dangerous site, it automatically blocks it.

Avira Browser Safety

An antivirus that you can install as an extension in Firefox is Avira Browser Safety. It is responsible for blocking websites that may be dangerous, as well as Phishing attacks that may have the objective of stealing your passwords. In addition, it can analyze files that you download from the network.

You can download this antivirus from the Firefox store . It is very interesting to avoid tracking and improve privacy on the Internet. It works in a simple way and you can combine it with other security programs that you install on the system. You can buy online with greater security, log in, visit web pages…

AVG OnlineSecurity

One more option available to you to protect Firefox with an extension is AVG Online Security. It is responsible for collecting information from websites that are Phishing and notifying us as soon as we visit one. In this way it protects us from what is one of the most important security threats on the network.

It will launch a warning every time we visit a web page that has a bad reputation. It has a database where it stores this type of data in order to detect irregularities and for us to take measures to prevent the theft of information and passwords when browsing. You can download it from the Firefox store .


With NoScript we are facing a very interesting extension that is responsible for blocking exploits . For example, it protects us from attacks that use JavaScript, such as Specter or Meltdown. This allows us to browse the Internet with greater protection and minimize the probability of being the victim of an attack.

Once you download the extension , it will automatically start protecting you when you enter a web page and there may be an attack of this type. This will help your personal data to be protected and prevent information theft.

In short, these are some options you have to further protect your Chrome or Firefox browser. They are antivirus plugins that can alert you when you download a dangerous file or open a link that may be a scam and could compromise your online privacy.