Anti-theft Backpack for Your Laptop: The Top Models

Today, having a laptop has become almost essential. The versatility offered by this type of device has led to a notable increase in sales. More, seeing the possibilities offered by these devices. But you must be very clear that, if you want to use it outside the home, it is best to have a suitable anti-theft backpack.

It should be borne in mind that laptops are a very sweet product for lovers of other people’s things, since they are sold very quickly on the black market. So, even if you have added a GPS tracking system in case your computer suffers any mishap, it is better to avoid having a bad time with a quality anti-theft backpack.

anti-theft backpacks

What should a laptop backpack have

To begin with, and how could it be otherwise in an accessory of this type, one of the most important elements is resistance to shocks and falls. Ideally, the backpack you want to use to protect your laptop should have some type of protection that allows you to protect your device against possible shocks or falls.

The most common is that they have some type of reinforcement that prevents a blow from damaging your laptop in any way. Although there are other elements that we should not ignore. Such as water resistance. Keep in mind that on more than one occasion the rain can catch us at the worst moment.

And this element is the greatest enemy of the vast majority of laptops. While it is true that there are models that boast of water resistance, or even military grade certification that guarantees that it will withstand bumps and falls without any problem, the most normal thing is that if your laptop gets wet it may suffer some damage. So better avoid this possible mishap.

Black laptop backpack

Safety is really important

Although, without a doubt, the most important element when buying a laptop backpack is that it has some type of anti-theft system. We have already told you that this type of device is very suggestive for lovers of other people’s things, so it is better to make things a little more difficult for them.

We are talking about very simple and useful mechanisms. For example, the zipper is hidden so that it is much more difficult to access . This is very useful if you travel by public transport with your laptop. It is also a good idea to have some additional security element, such as a numbered padlock that prevents anyone from accessing your computer by opening the backpack.

The truth is that the catalog available when buying an anti-theft backpack for your laptop is very varied, so choosing the right model can sometimes be a problem. For this reason, we wanted to make things much easier for you. And what better than with a complete compilation where you will find the best models with anti-theft systems to protect your gadget from any mishap.

You will see models of different price ranges, so you can find the solution that best suits your needs. Without further ado, we leave you with our compilation of the best anti-theft backpacks to take care of your laptop.

NATURALIFE backpack with anti-theft system

NATURALIFE backpack with anti-theft system 

We start this compilation with a backpack from the firm NATURALIFE that will not disappoint you at all. Their main weapons? It has all kinds of pockets, a USB port to connect an external battery, as well as an anti-tear system that will avoid unnecessary scares. 

SLOTRA backpack with anti-theft system

SLOTRA backpack

Second, we have this model from SLOTRA . We are talking about an anti-theft backpack for the laptop that boasts all kinds of pockets so that you can store all your gadgets in the most comfortable way. And, if you take into account that it has the capacity to support up to 25 kilograms of weight, it is clear that it is a very resistant backpack.

Xnuoyo anti-theft backpack

Xnuoyo anti-theft backpack 

And what about this anti-theft backpack from Xnuoyo. This model is finished in 1680D Oxford cloth, ensuring that water will not be a problem at all for this backpack. Add to it its nice design and the charging ports it incorporates for a round product.

RJEU Anti-Theft Backpack

RJEU anti-theft backpack in front

Another excellent option to consider is this perfect anti-theft backpack for your laptop. It has the capacity to store a computer of up to 15.6 inches, in addition to an RFID pocket so you can keep the most important documentation with the peace of mind that no one will be able to access it.

VINBAGGE backpack with anti-theft system

Open VINBAGGE backpack

We went to the VINBAGGE firm to recommend this laptop backpack with an anti-theft system. It boasts all kinds of pockets for you to store all your objects, as well as a 40-liter capacity so you have plenty of space. And its Oxford fabric guarantees great resistance to tears, plus water won’t be a problem.

Della Gao Anti-Theft Backpack

Della gao

If you are looking for an off-road backpack, this Della Gao model will enchant you. More than anything because it boasts a capacity of up to 45 liters, in addition to being a compatible model for large laptops.

XQXA Anti-Theft Backpack

XQXA anti-theft backpack in front

Continuing with this compilation with the best backpacks with an anti-theft system that you can buy if you want to protect your laptop, we could not miss the opportunity to recommend this model from the firm XQXA . A model with many pockets so that you can keep all your gadgets in an orderly way.

WAWJ Anti-Theft Backpack

WAWJ Anti-theft Backpack Lock

As you can see in the image that heads these lines, this laptop backpack has a lock that will prevent anyone from opening and viewing its content without your permission. And at a true knockdown price!

Xnuoyo anti-theft backpack

Xnuoyo anti-theft backpack open

Another perfect backpack if you need a model for a 17.3-inch laptop , don’t miss this model from Xnuoyo. A model with a hidden zip and a night reflection system so that you are visible at night.

XQXA Anti-Theft Backpack

XQXA backpack

Finally, we want to recommend you this other XQXA model that, as you can see in the image that heads these lines, claims to be a very compact and resistant model, in addition to boasting various anti-theft systems to avoid unnecessary scares.