Amazon’s Best-selling Smartwatch Costs Less than the Mi Band 4

It is not from Xiaomi, not a Realme idea, nor from Redmi, nor from Samsung, nor from Huawei, nor from Apple but, despite being manufactured by a totally unknown company, this 34-euro smartwatch has become the smart watch Amazon’s best-rated and best-selling.

Amazon's Best-selling Smartwatch Costs Less than the Mi Band 4

If you have come this far it is because, when you see it, surely you have asked yourself the same thing that we have. Is this smart watch worth it, apparently no one knows anything about? We review its characteristics and what those who have tried it say about it.

smartwatch Amazon

Cheaper than the Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The key to the device’s huge sales is clearly in the price of the device. The watch has all the functions that we can expect from a device with these characteristics, but the most interesting thing is that its sales figure is below 34 euros, encouraging many to “try their luck”. In comparison, let’s remember that the official price of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is 34, 99 euros.

“Standard” Specifications

smartwatch Amazon

They are not really specifications that make us explode our heads but the key is to be able to enjoy them on a smartwatch of less than 35 euros .

Among the highlights of Amazon’s best-selling watch we have a 1.3-inch high-definition IPS screen with 4 screen designs (you can not install new ones) that enjoys an IP68 rating against splashes and allows you to keep it underwater for a few minutes .

Of course, it has heart rate and sleep monitoring to help you develop a healthier lifestyle and is capable of recording daily activity data in real time, including calories, breathing exercises and 9 exercise modes (walking / running / hiking / biking / running / fitness / climbing / sports cycling / yoga).

With classic smartwatch functions such as notifications replication, alarm or phone search, it boasts a high-capacity 210 mAh battery, similar to that of Apple Watch that offers, according to the manufacturer, about 10 days without charging which, really, stays around a week according to the opinions of the users. It also has Bluetooth 4.2 and compatibility with Android 4.4 or higher.

Good opinions… real?

smartwatch Amazon

We already know that Amazon has been involved in different controversies in the past for not being able to fight against the “bought opinions” of users who receive the product in exchange for good reviews. This does not seem to be the case as it is the best-rated Amazon smartwatch with close to 600 reviews of which only 7 &% are negative and point out the weakness of the watch as the weakness of its run or difficulties in linking with the app.

Should I buy it?

It has all the functions that we can demand from a 100-euro smartwatch but in a much cheaper model. It is a purchase, on paper, totally recommended but, if you choose to go through the box, choose the black color model as many users complain, as we have said, that the belt fades and turns black after a few days .