What is Amazfit and what relationship does it have with Xiaomi

The smart watches of the Amazfit brand are linked to Xiaomi and have earned a niche in the market, becoming one of the best-selling brands thanks to its competitive price and good features. This link can create confusion because Xiaomi also sells other watches under its brand. What is the relationship that unites them?

Amazfit and what relationship does it have with Xiaomi

The manufacturer is Zeep Health

Huami is little known in Spain, although the same is not the case with the products developed by this Chinese manufacturer. The Mi Band bracelets manufactured by Xiaomi or the watches sold by Amazfit under its own brand are known to everyone. Recently, Zeep smartwatches have also been put on sale, which, little by little, are making their way into the market.

The Chinese brand took a step forward and focused on the international market under a new name. Taking advantage of the recent launches of its new Zeep line, Huami decided to adopt this name (and not Amazfit) to make itself known in the rest of the world, which is why Huami is now called Zeep Health.

On the other hand, Amazfit is Xiaomi’s brand for watches, activity tracker and other accessories related to a healthy lifestyle . They have unbeatable prices and have entered the international market with a series of products that have a high quality and more than interesting functionalities. As Amazfit explains on its website “its objective is to connect biometric signals and daily activities with intelligent data services, to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone”. These devices are easily connected to our mobiles so activity monitoring is really simple.

Relojes Amazfit

Good results

Given the good results of the Amazfit brand in markets such as Spain, the brand decided to come to our country on its own, leaving Xiaomi aside. This was the main reason why the firm itself had to develop the Mi Watch or Mi Watch Color watches later.

A fact that made the separation between Amazfit and Xiaomi even more evident was the launch of the application called Zeep with functions similar to those that Mi Fit can have. This was the turning point in which both took parallel paths and began to create on their own. The Mi Band 5 was another of the evidences, since the Huami company itself, now Zeep Health, promoted the Amazfit Band 5 model to be able to compete in a market as interesting as Spain, adding some remarkable extras such as oxygen measurement in blood and using Alexa.

Ultimately, the bond that has brought them together and led to success seems to be beginning to fade. Since Amazfit broke into the markets on its own, it seems that relations have suffered and it may not take long for the day when the two stop collaborating, according to some information from China.