Alternatives to Photoshop online to edit and improve your photos

The work and editing of all types of images and digital photographs, in the current times has become commonplace. This is something that has spread a lot since mobile devices have the high quality cameras they have. But editing programs such as Photoshop and similar ones have also greatly influenced.

Today most of us constantly carry our cell phone in our pocket, so taking pictures has become more than usual. But not only is that, but we also use them to share them on social networks or instant messaging applications, hence the need to edit them. For this we usually take advantage of certain applications specially indicated for all this.

Thus, the developers of these are fully aware of all this, so they try to greatly facilitate the use of these applications . We can find them both online and working locally, although in both cases their number does not stop growing. In this way, the retouching and editing programs to which we refer here will be very helpful, even without having much knowledge in the subject. Thus, these are reaching a point where they become very useful for all types of users.

Online programs for photo editing

For all the comments, we have made a selection with the most outstanding web applications that are considered as alternatives to Photoshop online. We must also take into account that all of them can be used for free with access to all its functions and features.


This is an application that we access from the web browser that allows us to start with a photographic project from scratch or upload an image to retouch it. On the left side we find the basic functions proposed by this solution such as cropping, rotating the photo, changing the color or resizing the image. At the same time in the lower right corner we see a slider to zoom on it and thus work in more specific areas.

Donesmart edición fotos

We will also have several brushes and a multitude of digital effects that we can apply to the personal project . If you want to try this alternative, you will have to access this website .


This is another very similar proposal of this type that presents several basic functions related to photo retouching. These are located on the left side of the main interface of the online program from which we can rotate, change colors , add texts or apply effects . At the same time the application offers us a series of textures that we can apply to the loaded image, as well as adjust its brightness or contrast.

Editor fotográfico

As we see, all this is carried out in a simple and intuitive way, something that we can access from this link .


Perhaps this is one of the best known proposals of this type in the online photo retouching sector. In addition, for free it presents a good amount of functions to carry out these editing tasks. All of them are located to the left of the main panel in the form of drop-down lists that we can open whenever we need them.

Fotor edición

At the same time, there are other main sections placed further to the left and referring to elements such as texts , basic functions, photographic improvements or effects. Therefore, as we see, we only have to navigate the app a bit to discover everything you can do for us. To check this first hand, we can do it from here .

Social Image Resizer Tool

On many occasions, when sharing the photos we have taken with the mobile through social networks, all we are going to need is an application that resizes them. For this we will not need to use complex programs such as Photoshop or similar. For all this Social Image Resizer Tool is a solution in which it is enough that we upload the corresponding photo so that we can cut it directly.

Edición de fotos Photoshop

In the same way it presents a series of predefined resolutions depending on the social network in which we will share it, which makes things easier for us. In order to get hold of it, we will only have to place ourselves here .


As in the previous case, it can also be the case that all we need is to add a text to a personal photo. Although at first this may seem a somewhat complex process, there are applications that greatly facilitate it. This is the case of AddText , an online program in which it is enough that we upload the image to be retouched, and then we can include any custom text.


To say that this is something that we achieve in a few seconds and in which we will have the possibility to change the style, the font , the size, or the position in the image. In order to get the most out of it, we can do it from this link .

In this case we will talk about another powerful solution for online photo editing to change the look of our photographs. We say this because at the bottom we find a good amount of functions, both basic and more advanced. At the same time we will have at our disposal a series of digital effects that we can implement in our projects, as well as frames, texts or clipart .

Fotoram edición de fotos

As we can see, despite all the functions and elements that this proposal puts at our disposal, its use is at the same time very simple. This is achieved largely thanks to the user interface that we will find, so to test it we will do it from this link .


To start with this case we propose here, say that Tuxpi is a somewhat simpler alternative with fewer functions. That is why it becomes an excellent application for those who do not want to get complicated at all. Actually from here we have the possibility of adding a color frame to the original image to change its appearance, in addition to some effects.


In this way we will have to choose the hue that interests us most, as well as its opacity . Thus, in a few steps we achieve a different and more attractive photo to share on social networks. To have this solution in the browser, you can achieve it from here.


And we will end with these alternative editors to Photoshop online with the proposal called BeFunky . It is one of the most powerful solutions of this type due to all the functions that it proposes from its interface. All of them are divided into several sections that we find located to the left of the main interface. Among these we can highlight one focused on the basic adjustments of the photo, Retouching, Effects, Frames , Text, etc.

Befunky photoshop

In turn, each of these sections to which we refer you, offers us various alternatives in the form of related functionalities. Therefore we will have a huge amount of possibilities. But we must know that despite all this, they are very easy to use while intuitive. To test this web application, we will have to place ourselves here.


PicsArt is already one of, if not, the biggest name out there when it comes to mobile photo and video editing. Now, PicsArt’s taken their massive number of photo editing tools, years of experience, and incredible accessibility, and has brought them all online to our browsers. 

PicsArt’s online editing tools contain tons of functionality that’s incredibly easy to use, whether you want to remove the background from a photo of yours, apply high-quality and unique filters, or even simply adding a few stickers to spice up your photos. All this, and more, is available straight through here, and the best part is, it’s completely free.

Edit your personal photos quickly and easily

Surely many will remember that a few years ago the photographic edition was limited to a few professionals, but this has changed a lot. In full 2019 we can find applications suitable for everyone, in large part thanks to the fact that they automate most of the functions they offer us. Thus, although we do not know much about the subject, with pressing some buttons and making some simple adjustments, we get very good results.

That is why in these lines we will talk about some applications focused on this type of tasks, all of them online so that we can use them through the Internet browser. When talking about photo editors, possibly one of the first proposals that come to mind is Photoshop. However, and despite its popularity, this is an expensive software , somewhat more complex, and therefore unnecessary for most users.

We can also find an online variant similar to the original, so below we will show you some simpler and at the same time effective alternatives. Keep in mind that in most cases we will need simple functions for retouching and photo enhancement, so you will not need something of the caliber of Photoshop.