All the apps that you can delete from your mobile without problems to recover space

We accumulate applications on our mobile phones whenever we need something. To make an appointment for the doctor, for the hairdresser, to download wallpapers, to record videos, because it is a store that has been recommended to us… And in the end we accumulate all kinds of garbage that we do not use and that adds to what is already coming installed by default on the phone. Necessary? No. So in the next paragraphs we will see all the apps that you can delete from your mobile without any problem if you want to recover space.

Although your mobile may have expandable memory with microSD or have a good internal memory and enough to have all kinds of apps installed, but it is better that we avoid installing some types of apps that are useless or unnecessary and that they are going to do that your performance is worse for having it saturated.

All the apps that you can delete from your mobile without problems

Apps you don’t use

The first thing you can uninstall are those apps that you installed years ago and have never used again. Many phones allow us to check which applications you use the least and you will find things that will surprise you: an online store, a game that you downloaded one day when you got bored… Uninstall all of this, what you don’t use regularly and all the games that you already you are not interested

The flashlight app

Many years ago it was common to install a flashlight application on our mobile that activated the flash and allowed us to use the phone as a torch. Not anymore. It is worth that you have been passing the applications from one mobile to another or that you have the habit of downloading it but all phones have this option natively without you installing anything. Furthermore, flashlight apps are often a nest for malware.

QR reader

Like the previous one, we usually download a QR reader and it is something we did during 2020 and 2021 to read restaurant and bar codes in times of coronavirus. But you don’t need to download a QR reader because generally your mobile always has one integrated into the phone’s camera and the AI section. Currently, practically all phones allow you to do it without having to download anything specific, so save yourself from taking up space with this type of app.


Do not have your phone memory full of antivirus to protect yourself because it will always be more advisable to protect ourselves using common sense: not clicking on suspicious links, not giving our data to anyone, not installing applications from stores or websites that seem unreliable… But fill your free antivirus apps mobile will never cause virus or malware or data theft. It is best to follow the basic security and privacy advice and if you install apps on Android, Google Play Protect already protects you. If you use other markets, with common sense and care.

Mejores apps antivirus para móviles Android

Pre-installed apps

Also check that your phone does not have pre-installed applications that you do not use. Some phones come with gallery apps that we don’t use and even with social networks like TikTok that are directly installed when we buy it and that you will never use. Review what is there and delete what does not serve you.