AliExpress Choice, buy with free shipping and exclusive discount

The e-commerce giant AliExpress is known worldwide for offering very low prices, although the downside is usually that we have to wait a long time for shipping or pay additional money for purchases to arrive quickly. Aware of this, they have just announced AliExpress Choice , their new channel in which users can benefit from a large number of advantages, such as exclusive discounts and free shipping . In this article we tell you all about it.

With the aim of increasing customer satisfaction, from now on you can get the most out of AliExpress with Choice, a selection of products that enjoy a series of exceptional advantages thanks to the fact that the company treats them with its own logistics and supply chain. supply , which allows them to offer lower prices, faster shipping, and many other advantages. But let’s start at the beginning, what is AliExpress Choice?

AliExpress Choice

AliExpress Choice: Cheaper, Faster, Better

As we have already mentioned, Choice is a new section on AliExpress with selected products and completely operated by AliExpress, which means that you are not buying from external sellers that use the platform, but from the company itself. This entails a series of benefits thanks to the fact that they make use of their own logistics and supply chain system:

  • The discounts are greater than normal.
  • Faster delivery of up to 10 days for any purchase over €10.
  • Free shipping (also for orders over €10).
  • Free returns (up to 3 times per month).
  • Direct guarantee with the store.

AliExpress Choice

All of the above has an impact on a better shopping experience and greater customer satisfaction, and not only because you have the opportunity to buy cheaper , but because you will receive the products much sooner and with free shipping costs, and the entire post-process. selling will be much easier and more fluid, with free returns without having to give explanations and, of course, with a better guarantee.

OK but how do I shop at Choice?

Very simple: as we mentioned before, this is not a subscription service or anything like that, but rather a new AliExpress channel, a kind of section where we can buy the products they have in stock in their own stores and that they can ship with their supply chain. Therefore, we will obtain all these advantages simply by buying on said channel, which you can access below.

In addition to this, AliExpress has prepared interesting discounts for new customers:

  • New users will get a coupon of up to €5 to discount on their next purchases.
  • Using the discount code ESNEW04 you will get a €4 discount on orders of €5 or more.
  • Selections of three items for €5.99 with free shipping.
  • Selections of products for €0.99 with free shipping.

This means that if you are an AliExpress user, you simply have to search for Choice products and buy them in the normal way, while if you are a new user, when you register with the coupon that we have given you above, you will get a discount coupon of €4 and the rest benefits. In addition to this, you can also enjoy a €3 discount on orders of €15 or more, and a direct discount of €6 on orders of €30 or more, always with free shipping and delivery in 10 days if the order exceeds €10.

Initially, this promotion starts today and will only last until March 3 at 11:59 p.m. UK time, where you will find discounts of up to 20% on selected AliExpress Choice products so you can save even more money.

When making any purchase, simply make sure the product is selected as part of the Choice channel; you can see it with the yellow icon just to the right of the product.

Comprar Choice

When you add Choice products to your shopping cart, you’ll be able to directly view promotions by clicking on it, including free 10-day shipping and more. Keep in mind that to benefit from this promotion, the total cost must be €10 or more, yes.

Featured Products at Choice Day

There are literally thousands of products that you can find on AliExpress that meet the conditions for you to enjoy the benefits of Choice, but of course we can highlight a handful of technological products that we think you should take a look at.

For example, if you need a wireless controller for Nintendo Switch , now you can buy it at a more than interesting discount, and of course with all the benefits of Choice.

Also noteworthy is a mini console (which seeks to resemble the famous Super Nintendo) that contains an emulator with retro games ; It has an AV output (be careful with that), two controls, includes 400 games in its internal memory, and also fits in the palm of your hand, so you can put it anywhere without it bothering you or take it comfortably anywhere.

Consola retro

If you would like to have good quality EarBuds , now you can buy Lenovo‘s LP1S TWS (originals) at the lowest price that you will be able to find on the Internet. They have Bluetooth 5.0, are resistant to water and sweat, have noise reduction technology and include the usual charging case that this type of product usually has.

And if you have a PS5 and you would like both to avoid overheating problems and to have a charging station for your DualSense controllers that also serves to keep your game collection organized, you are in luck because you can buy this support with a 65% discount on AliExpress Choice.

Soporte PS5

Finally, we cannot stop recommending this portable speaker with a powerful subwoofer that will delight your parties outside. It has Bluetooth connectivity to play music (also an auxiliary input and for micro SD cards; the auxiliary input is also used for use with a PC), it fits in the palm of your hand, and its battery has a fast charging function via USB-C so you never get stranded.