Alcatel 3088 Review: A good Mobile Phone to Use WhatsApp

Mobile phones have become the most important device that accompanies us every day, which is why there are some willing to pay more than 1000 euros on a smartphone. However, not all budgets can reach these figures and if you are looking for an inexpensive mobile to call and use WhatsApp , or work with the Google assistant, Alcatel’s bet is all you need.

Alcatel-3088And it is that in a market where the price of phones does not stop rising, the technology brand opts otherwise with the launch of this Alcatel 3088 , a feature phone loaded with 4G connectivity that reaches the market at a price that stays longer about 50 euros than 100. A great opportunity for those looking for a phone ready for the use of WhatsApp and other social apps.

alcatel 3088

A super affordable and social mobile

Today, few smartphones you will find in stores that, for 65 euros , offer what we find in an Alcatel 3088 that thanks to its 4G LTE connectivity allows you to take full advantage of the applications pre-installed in your system such as WhatsApp , Facebook and YouTube. The smartphone allows you to upload photos, watch videos, chat and quickly transmit any content thanks to a data rate of up to 150 Mbps that allows a smooth work with the mentioned applications.

The Alcatel 3088 4G also has other noteworthy features such as the integration of Google Assistant in the phone, so you can benefit from the advantages of the virtual assistant to control the mobile comfortably with voice instructions.

alcatel 3088

On a technical level we are facing a feature phone that even exceeds what is offered by other smartphones that are around 100 euros. Working with the KaiOS system, it has 4 GB internal space that is extended to 32 GB thanks to the use of MicroSD cards, so space is no problem. We add a SC9820E processor and 512 MB of RAM enough to make use of the aforementioned social apps.

It incorporates a battery of 1500 mAh enough to keep the phone on for more than two days thanks to the use of a 2.4-inch QVGA screen. But the most striking, that lovers of classic phones will adore, is the presence of a physical keyboard with which to enter text in a classic way.

alcatel 3088

This advanced feature phone from Alcatel is now available in Spain in the main retailers at an attractive price of 65 euros in blue or metallic gray.