No More PCR! This AI Accurately Detects if You Have COVID-19

AI Accurately Detects if You Have COVID-19

Technology has allowed the field of medicine to evolve a lot, being able to discover diseases earlier or treat them more effectively. Artificial Intelligence also helps a lot in these tasks. These systems contain a large amount of information within them that makes them work just like a human being. IN this case, an AI system is being used to detect the presence of COVID-19 , rather than using PCR or other methods.

Images of different parts of the body allow doctors to make diagnoses and assess the status of different diseases. In recent years, systems with Artificial Intelligence have been implemented that help to have even more precision when making these diagnoses.

AI and its spectacular precision

Artificial Intelligence allows obtaining information that a doctor with the naked eye would be unable to see. So much so that a system has now been created that uses Artificial Intelligence to detect COVID-19.

Currently there are quick ways to get a test that can detect this virus, although the most traditional is PCR, which is very unpleasant for many people since a fine device is inserted through the nostrils. However, this system, although it is the most widely used, does not have 100% accuracy.

Therefore, a tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze images of lungs could serve as an extra diagnostic method to detect COVID-19. It could even be used to distinguish COVID-19 from other respiratory diseases or to check the severity of the virus.

Its use would allow a much more exact result than that of a PCR, in addition to giving more information about the possible state of severity of the lungs due to the virus.

This Artificial Intelligence system has been designed by the Terasaki Research Institute in the United States, although several institutes have also collaborated.

Its design and results, a resounding success

To design the system, they took images of lung lobes that were then analyzed for characteristics as possible diagnostic markers of the virus.

Later, all these diagnostic markers that the Artificial Intelligence system uses were used to differentiate people sick with COVID-19 from those who are not sick. Finally, after more than 700 radiographs , the entire system was developed.

Later it would be validated with almost 1600 cases of many healthy people, as well as sick with pneumonia or COVID-19. The results were a success as the system did a great job of making the diagnostics.

Therefore, these Artificial Intelligence systems could be applied in more fields within medicine to improve the precision of diagnoses. In addition, it is a cheaper, efficient method that does not require surgery.