Adjustable height, RGB… is this the best Drift gaming table?

Having a good table on which to place our PC and its peripherals is one of the things you should look at before buying a new computer. It would not be the first time that someone worked uncomfortable due to the fact of making a bad choice in this regard. Well, Drift has just presented its DRDZ150 RGB , its new gaming table. What are its technical characteristics?

One of the handicaps when using a conventional table for our PC is the fact that they are not the most suitable for many activities, since, for example, after years of continuous use we can see the wood worn out. That is why if what you want is to play without worrying about the health of your furniture, then the best thing you can do is opt for a gaming table. Which is designed for continuous wear and offers you everything you need. Does the last Drift table comply with it? Well, at first glance it seems so, although the best thing is to take a look at what it offers us to be able to judge it for ourselves.

Adjustable height, RGB... is this the best Drift gaming table

Drift DRDZ150 RGB, technical characteristics

We find a desk with dimensions of 116 x 60 x 75 cm and easy assembly in which you can place your powerful gaming PC, monitors and the rest of the hardware on top of them without worrying. Since it supports up to 100 Kilograms of weight. In addition, its height is fully adjustable thanks to its threaded legs that allow us to add up to an additional 75 cm , which makes it ideal for all types of users. Its surface is made of laminated carbon fiber , which protects it in the long term from scratches and spills of drinks and other liquids inadvertently.

In addition, as its name suggests, the table has RGB lighting , which is reactive to the music that plays through the speakers of your computer, so it will change color or turn off or on through the pulses of the music. And speaking of it, like the rest of the tables of this type, the Drift DZ150 adds support to leave our drinks and also our headphones . In addition to having space to be able to manage the cables and that everything is tidy

Although the most important thing, as always in this type of table, is the mat integrated in it , which will allow us to smoothly move the mouse in our games. In this case it occupies an area of 80 x 30 centimeters of the total . More than enough space to freely move your arm and ensure victory in the vast majority of your games, as well as to work quietly.

Where to buy it?

The Drift Gaming DZ150 gaming table costs €159.90 MSRP at the time of writing. And in the event that it has caught your attention, then you do not have to wait for anything to be able to acquire one, since among other things you can find it already available on Amazon.