How to add your speed to Google Maps

With the passage of time and technological advances, more and better services are offered to users. This is the case of Google, which has a large number of very useful applications that are used by millions of people every day, as is the case with Google Maps.

This is the navigation software of the American company. Thanks to it, a huge number of individuals can reach their destination in an easy and simple way, since they all have an ideal application to squeeze the GPS from their mobile. This is because it provides many options and settings within it to customize the travel experience to the consumer’s taste, such as the ability to display highway tolls.

add your speed to Google Maps

One of the most interesting is to display a speedometer that indicates the speed at which you are driving at all times. In this way, you will always respect the regulations in relation to the limits, and also avoid possible accidents. There is no doubt that it is a considerable support for driving and for this same reason it is of interest to make use of this property.

Activate the speedometer

Enabling this marker is not complicated, but it is possible that among so many configurations one feels overwhelmed. Be careful, before proceeding with the steps for this, you need to understand the following: the speedometer that appears in the Google Maps application is merely informative and indicative. If you want to confirm the exact and real speed, you need to resort to those that your car incorporates.

This means that its purpose is to teach the driver the speed at which he is moving while using the service. In this way, the person in question does not have to move his gaze between three different points: road, app and indicators.

Activar velocímetro Google Maps

That said, activating this property is extremely simple. All you have to do is open the Google Maps software and then click on your profile, which is the circle at the top right. Once the following menu has been displayed, you must access the ‘Settings’ and specifically the navigation settings. Within this section, there is a section called ‘Driving Options’ and in it you will find at a glance what you are looking for.

A very helpful setting

The simple fact of activating this particularity can provide unconditional support during the work of driving. Mainly, because in a visual way the application will warn the user that he is exceeding the speed.

In the event that your location has the speed limit function in Google Maps, the application will send a warning if the person behind the wheel increases their movement above the indicated amount. The notice is displayed by changing the color of the icon to a rather striking red.

Google Maps

From the website of the person in charge of the main world search engine, they warn of the following: certain elements can influence and cause the marker to mark a speed that does not correspond to real life. That is why when in doubt, the driver is urged to take a look at his car.