Add Functions to Your Samsung Gallery with Its Secret Menu

All mobile devices currently have a large number of functions that allow us to improve their use. The most striking thing of all is that companies like Samsung have hidden tools or menus to be able to customize different functions or options that users may not have ever discovered.

How is the case today, in which we find that Samsung has a secret menu for its gallery. In addition, this hidden function offers us some quite interesting additional options. For this reason, we are going to show you how you can enable this secret menu and the options that we find available in it.

How to enable the Samsung gallery tool

Acceder a Gallery Labs

With this hidden menu in the Samsung photo reel, it will help us to have access to a series of additional settings with which we can customize our terminal. In addition, these functions will allow us to change the way in which photos and videos can be viewed in said gallery. So if you are looking for a totally different way to preview our files , this will be our best option.

In order to enable this menu of the Samsung application, also called Gallery Labs, we will have to follow the following steps:

  1. We will open the gallery first.
  2. Then, you will have to touch on the three lines that appear in the lower right part of the screen.
  3. We access Settings> About Gallery
  4. We will play several times on the version that appears on the screen. After this, the Gallery Labs menu will appear.

Versión galería Samsung

These additional functions that Samsung offers us on their mobile devices, which have a version equal to or greater than One UI 2.1 , will be really useful. And more, if you are one of those users who likes to customize the different settings of their mobile device in a thousand different ways.

That is why these extra functionalities will help us to give a different touch to the albums on our Samsung terminal. But, if your case is totally the opposite, this hidden menu will not help you much. However, these hidden Samsung options are not translated into Spanish . So all the menus and their respective explanations will only be found in English.

Configure the preview of photos on the mobile roll

One of the options that, in practice, should be present in all the different versions of One UI is Image / video viewer . This configuration will give us different options that will be related to the preview of the images and videos in the gallery of our Samsung mobile device. And your different options are the following:

Previsualización de fotos en la galería de Samsung

  • Only dual previewer (Dual photo previewer only): this function is disabled by default, so if we enable it we will automatically save the changes in the focus of the photos when using the Live focus aperture.
  • Image decoder Android (Android image decoder) to activate the decoder can use the native Android.
  • Show EXIF in details (Show EXIF in details): we can access extra information in images or JPG files.
  • See cached images in details (Show cached image in details): although it is true that the Korean manufacturer details what it can be used for, it seems to be related to the way in which the previews of the images are displayed in the mobile gallery.

There is an extra function of Samsung’s hidden menu, Timeline for picture list or chronographic view, which should not be limited to a specific version of One UI either. However, it must be borne in mind that they are experimental functions, so it is not guaranteed that they will work correctly or even their use could be totally null. work and can disappear at any time.

  • A chronographic vision in albums (Timeline in album): we will get the photos of a certain album grouped by dates to be displayed.
  • Chronographic view of videos and favorite albums (Timeline in video / favorite album): as in the previous case, if we activate it, it will show all the favorite photos and albums grouped by date.
  • Searches in the album with a chronographic view (Timeline in search album): this setting is activated by default. With it we will be able to see the results of a search grouped by date, so we can deactivate it if we wish.

Other functions available from the hidden menu

In addition to the previous functions that we have detailed, which will not depend on the version of One UI that we have on the mobile, we also find others that will depend on the operating system installed on our phone. It should be noted that these hidden functionalities are only available as of version 2.1.

Gallery Labs One UI 3.0

Secrets in One UI 3.0

Here we will explain each of the configurations that we can change if our Samsung terminal has One UI 3.0. And it is very possible that, as new updates arrive, this list will be more extensive. The available functions are as follows:

  • Filmstrip in the viewfinder (Filmstrip in viewer): Although enabled by default, you can disable if we move upset by the pictures of the gallery.
  • Renewed viewer and details (Viewer and renewal details): Samsung does not detail what exactly, but enabled by default in the terminals.
  • Combination of groups of days in the image list (Day-cluster merging in picture list): it is deactivated by default, but with this extra function we will be able to group different images that we have taken on the same day.
  • Dynamic spacing between photos (Dynamic spacing between potos): this option is disabled by default and will depend on the size of the grid that we have on our mobile.
  • Optional menu on the display (optional menu in viewer) is disabled by default, but the enable it we can add an additional menu that will allow us to rotate photos in the viewfinder.

Hidden settings in One UI 2.1

The following options can be applied if we have version 2.1 of One UI installed in our terminal, and they are the following:

Gallery Labs One UI 2.1

  • Expand the application bar (Appbar expanding): it will give us the possibility to choose which elements (photos, albums or stories) will have an extended application bar, to choose between photos, albums and stories, since the option that comes by default it occurs in everyone.
  • Nested folders : when activated we will add a hierarchical view in the folders of the smartphone reel.
  • See folder in Add album (Show folder for Add albums): we can add a new album to a folder in which the different folders will be shown hierarchically, something similar to the previous function.
  • Show similar photos (Similar photo): the gallery can show us a menu in which similar photos appear in the photos tab.
  • Stories UI 2.1 (Story UI 2.1): when activated we will change the interface of the stories view to a tiered list view.
  • Share albums via Wi-Fi Direct (Share albums via Wi-Fi Direct): added extra support for sharing photo albums via Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Show storage information (Show trash storage info): enabling this function will show the weight of storage in the mobile trash.

Other hidden tools from Samsung

Application designers strike a good balance for apps to be easy to use with few buttons incorporating the use of secret menus. This is the case of Samsung, since the software that comes in its terminals is full of different functions and secrets that, surely, you have not yet been able to discover on your own. Apart from the previous functions, we will show you other configurations that not everyone knows:

  • Scan documents without the need for apps : another hidden feature in One UI is that we can use a scanner built into your camera app to scan the document we want at any time.
  • Recover deleted photos and videos : in One UI we can find a recycle bin that will help us recover deleted files.
  • Find out if something is wrong with your mobile : Samsung with One UI includes a function called Interactive Checks, which will help us to know if everything is going well in the terminal.