Small screen and big fingers? Adapt the keyboard of your mobile

Although the screens of smartphones have been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, for those with large hands or fingers, the smartphone keyboard may still be small. This luckily has a solution, you just have to know the keys to make it possible. An option available to anyone, regardless of the smartphone model, the system or the layer.

No more mistakes when typing words on our smartphone, the virtual keys will stop driving us crazy, even if the smartphone seems insignificant in our hands. Some methods that are not only recommended for those who suffer from writing problems due to having very large fingers , but are also recommended for the elderly or those who have vision problems and it is not easy to see the keys.

Adapt the keyboard of your mobile

Adapt the keyboard size on Android or iOS

Before configuring anything on our smartphones, the size of the keyboard will be minimal and will lead us to run into all the aforementioned failures. However, the main keyboards on the technological scene, such as Gboard or Swiftkey, do have an option that allows us to modify the height of the keyboard and therefore enlarge the letters on which we have to press.

altura teclado gboard

The iPhone have a greater limitation, since the keyboard that comes by default with Apple devices there is no option to adapt this. Therefore, if or yes we have to change the keyboard in iOS for any of the mentioned alternatives if we want to increase the size of the keyboard or whatever the screen that the mobile has.

Then we just have to enter the keyboard settings, click on the presences and locate the option called “Keyboard height”. From there we will be able to choose the height and therefore the size with which the keyboard will appear on the smartphone. If the chosen size does not finish, it will always be possible to repeat the process as many times as necessary.

Rotation is the quick fix

If we do not want to have to touch the options or even the keyboard of our mobile, we have an instant practicing option at our fingertips. It is only necessary that we have the screen rotation activated, use an app where the keyboard appears and turn the smartphone over. Once it is in a horizontal position, it changes position and the size of the keyboard increases in a detected way for our benefit.

teclado horizontal

We now have the ability to type faster without errors and to see everything we type more easily. At the moment when we want everything to return to normal, we will only have to put the terminal back upright and everything will continue as before. A perfect option for those times of the day where we are writing a lot from the smartphone.