How to Activate Safari Reading Mode on iPhone and iPad

reading-mode-safariNewspapers, magazines and even books are already being set aside in favor of electronic devices. If you are a regular to read on iPhone and iPad, you are probably interested in knowing the reading mode of Safari, which makes it much easier to read articles and other text content found on web pages.

Enable Safari reading mode on iOS and iPadOS

Sometimes we go to read an interesting news, a report that shows a curiosity or a simple tutorial like the ones we do on this website. In an overview we can find images on the sides, links to other related articles, advertising and other elements that can distract us from reading. However, in iOS and iPadOS there is a functionality that allows us to focus solely and exclusively on what interests us.

To access this reading mode of Safari, either on an iPhone or an iPad, you must click on the icon with two “A” found on the left side of the search bar. Once here you will find the following options:

modo lectura iphone ipad

  • Enlarge and decrease font size.
  • Typeface , being able to choose between Athelas, Charter, Georgia, Iowan, New York, Palatino, San Francisco and Seravek font.
  • Background color , finding white background, sepia, gray and black. The latter is ideal for devices with OLED display.

It should be noted that this mode is not available on all web pages. For example in main newspaper pages, in which all the articles are displayed and we only see the headlines of these. Other websites keep it disabled for some other reason.

How to activate reading mode automatically

If you like this functionality and want it to be automatically active when you enter a certain website, it is possible to configure it so you don’t have to activate it manually. To do this you must enter the website settings that are in the same tab as the previous settings, just in the last part.

Once you are within these settings you will find several options:

ajustes sitio web iphone ipad

  • Desktop version : so that the web page you are on always opens automatically in this version. In iPadOS this is activated automatically, but not in iOS.
  • Use reader automatically: this is the option that will allow you to see the reading mode whenever you enter that website.

In these settings you will also find the possibility to allow that website to access the camera, microphone and location of your iPhone or iPad. And we always talk about the web in the singular because these settings will be applied only to the web where you are, not being able to choose the possibility that these modalities are always activated on all web pages by default.

In short, we believe that reading mode can be extremely useful for resting your eyes if you usually spend a few minutes and even hours in front of the screen. In this way you can combat one of the few problems that we face before all the advantages that it gives us to be able to read from our iPhone and iPad.