How to activate facial unlocking on any Android mobile

Most mobile users are clear that having an unlocking method is almost mandatory, more than anything to increase our security. And it is that we have too much personal information inside so that any ‘gossip’ can access the phone and see our images or messages.

The truth is that one of the preferred methods for a large majority is facial unlocking , but as we will explain later, it can be more or less effective depending on how we configure it. Therefore, we will teach you how to configure it on your Android phone so that you do not have any problems when trying.

It is safe?

Facial recognition is not something new, in fact, it is one of those technologies that have been accompanying us for a few years. Although, the novelty is that it began to spread within the mobile device market.

activate facial unlocking on any Android mobile

However, this option for unlocking phones usually works better, increasing the security of the smartphone, through specific hardware, such as the True Depth camera and the iPhone neural chips. On the other hand, in the general case of Android they only use software , so it becomes less efficient and has less precision.

And although it is still safe, it is not as safe as other screen unlocking methods that we can find on Android smartphones today. For example, one of the best security measures out there today is the fingerprint sensor. In addition, it is much more effective when it comes to unlocking the phone panel. But, you will always have the option of doing the test on your own to test this technology.

Activate the unlock

In order to activate this security method on your Android mobile device, the brand of smartphone you have will depend to a large extent, since this type of unlocking will be located in one place or another. For this reason, we will let you know where you can configure this security setting on some of the Android phones from the main manufacturers.


Within Samsung smartphones, which have their own One UI customization layer, we find that the configuration of this method is one of the most different in the Android world. Therefore, to configure it, you must follow these steps:

desbloqueo facial Samsung

  1. Access the phone settings.
  2. Enter Biometric data and security .
  3. Click on the Face recognition option> activate the switch on Face Unlock.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Choose the method that you will use to unlock the terminal in case the face unlock does not work: pattern, PIN or password.


In Huawei terminals we find the EMUI customization layer, which will be the one that marks the steps that we must follow in order to unlock this technology.

desbloqueo facial huawei

  1. Go to settings> Biometrics and password.
  2. Tap on Face recognition .
  3. It will ask us for the key or unlocking pattern of the phone, if we have one.
  4. Then, we will have to click on Start so that it begins to read our face.


In the phones of the Chinese brand Xiaomi , which are accompanied by MIUI, the steps that we must follow to activate the face unlock will also be more different. Still, the process will be quick:

  1. Access your settings> Passwords and Security .
  2. Enter Face Unlock, where it will ask us for the phone password.
  3. Tap on Add facial data and follow the instructions on the Chinese mobile screen to complete the process.

Xiaomi desbloqueo facial 01

Google Pixel

Google smartphones do not have any type of layer, that is, we are facing the famous Android Stock or Pure. Within these phones, we must follow this process to be able to use the unlocking with face recognition:

Desbloqueo facial Google Pixel

  1. We go to the Settings app.
  2. We enter Security> Face Unlock.
  3. Enter your PIN, pattern or password, as a security measure in case the face unlock does not work.
  4. Then, we will go to Configure face unlock > OK.
  5. Then, the reading of our face will begin.
  6. We will have to place our face in the frame that appears and we turn slowly until we bring our nose closer to each of the blue mosaics.
  7. When it is complete, we will only have to give Ready.

OPPO and realme

In the OPPO and realme terminals we will have different customization layers, ColorOS and realme UI , although the steps for their configuration are identical. Therefore, if you want to activate the unlocking by means of the face, it can be achieved in the following way:

realme desbloqueo facial

  1. Let’s go to the mobile settings.
  2. Click on the Footprint, face and password section.
  3. Click on the Add face option.
  4. Enter the password or security pattern in case this unlock fails.
  5. Once this is done, we just have to read the face focusing it well and we will have everything ready for our OPPO or realme phone to be unlocked with our face.


If in your case you have any of the OnePlus terminals , which come with OxygenOS as a customization layer above Android, you must follow these steps:

  1. Access the Settings.
  2. Enter the Security and screen lock section.
  3. Tap on the Face Unlock option.
  4. Assign an alternative method of unlocking, to choose between pattern, PIN or password.
  5. Tap Add facial data > Next and follow the onscreen instructions.


A Motorola mobile has many alternatives to remove the phone lock . In this case, in order to activate the facial unlocking, we must do the following:

  1. Enter the mobile settings.
  2. Click on the Security section.
  3. Now select Face Unlock
  4. Enter the PIN.
  5. Finally, it will be the moment when he will read our faces, so we will need to follow his instructions and be located in a place with good lighting so that it is as accurate as possible.

desbloqueo facial Motorola


For vivo smartphones, the truth is that it will be similar as in the case of OPPO and realme smartphones, although it will change one step. Therefore, follow this process with your mobile from the Chinese firm:

  1. Enter your phone settings.
  2. Access the Fingerprint, Tracking and Password section.
  3. Enter your code or password to verify your identity. If you did not have one, it will be mandatory that you create one to be able to access the facial scanner.
  4. Click on the Face option.
  5. Click Add face and re-verify your identity with your password.
  6. Finally, the process will start> OK.

What if you don’t have it?

You may have an older smartphone that does not have the necessary software to be able to use face recognition to remove the block from the screen of the mobile device. Luckily, you will be able to test this technology on your own terminal, although you will need the help of a third-party application.

In this case, we bring you the option of the Face Lock Screen app. You just have to download this free software on your Android phone and click on the Train Face option with which you can add your face. In addition, you must enter a password so that you can access your phone in case it does not read your face well. Finally, you will have to check the Enable Screen Lock function so that it works as an unlocking method for the Android phone panel.