How to Activate Dark Mode on Realme Mobile

realme-mobileThe Dark Mode is a function that has been gradually integrated into mobile phones. It is a native feature of Android 10, although it was also present in the customization layers of some manufacturers. Today we are going to see how to activate the Dark Mode in Realme mobiles, since its activation, despite being carried out in a simple way, is not as visible as could be expected.

That function has been highly anticipated by many users. Among the main advantages of activating the dark mode, is to save battery, with greater incidence on those screens with OLED technology .

In addition, the aesthetic appearance changes radically, turning the menus to black tone and many applications that are already adapted to this fashion. However, we can find many applications that have not made the leap. One of them is WhatsApp, which despite having revealed the Dark Mode on several occasions, has not yet been activated.

How to activate Dark Mode

The Dark Mode can be activated in Realme mobile phones with ColorOS 6, but it is a function in the testing phase, which is not in the screen settings. To activate it, we must go to Settings, and then slide down until we find the option “Realme Lab”.

Once inside the menu, simply activate the “Dark Mode” switch . From that moment the system will change color to black tones. This will serve, in addition to saving battery, to reduce eyestrain.

realme Modo Oscuro

It should be borne in mind that some applications may not be compatible, and that the stable arrival of this mode in Realme mobiles occurs with the arrival of ColorOS 7 based on Android 10.

This activation is valid for Realme mobiles running ColorOS 6, which are all currently sold in our country, since the first updates to ColorOS 7 with Android 10 will not arrive until January 2020. In the case of terminals such as Realme X2 Pro, the arrival of Android 10 is scheduled for March 2020.