917575682 is safe and you are interested

We have recently alerted on our site about some dangerous numbers that you should block or avoid answering their calls. This is not the case with 917575682, a phone verified as authentic and a call that you can not only take without fear, but that can be very useful for you.

If you have received a call from 917575682, we are going to tell you what the specialized caller identification sites say and why this time there is no danger.

917575682 is safe and you are interested

Who is calling from 917575682?

On this occasion, it is a number that not only knows who it belongs to, but it is also very useful in case you have a pending shipment to receive. This telephone line belongs to Correos Express , so you can add it to your list of safe numbers.

correos express «They are from Correos Express, to try an arranged delivery. Normally before you call another phone from a delivery man ».

“I confirm that it is Correos Express trying to arrange a new delivery.”

“Automatic call from Correos Express to arrange a new delivery appointment for a package that could not be delivered the first time.”

“When Correos Express fails to deliver a package to the indicated address, they call you from this number to arrange a new delivery date. It is a robot that informs you of delivery options.

«It is the Correos Express service after a failed delivery. Robocall answers proposing alternative delivery dates (they confirm address, etc. that is, they know of the actual shipment made)».

Some testimonials about this number do raise suspicions about whether the official phone number is being used by identity fraudsters, since some users claim they are not expecting to receive any package, but have a call in which personal data is requested.

«It is a voiceover that claims to be from Correos Express telling me that the shipping address is wrong and that I give it to them correctly, I am not waiting for any package, they have been calling for three days».

«A machine says that it is from express mail and that my package could not be delivered. I haven’t asked for anything!!! It must be a scam.”

«Phishing, be careful!, they call you from that number, a locution appears that says that your order could not be delivered, that they send you an SMS to access a link and change your address. It is not true, I have not asked for anything.

However, these alarming testimonies are the least, which is why those who claim that, in fact, they were expecting some type of parcel delivery service in this company prevail.

How do I know who is calling me?

If you want to forget about calls from unknown numbers without knowing who they are, you can use applications such as Hiya, CallBlocker or Pepeescudo , the new free Pepephone application to know who is calling you and protect yourself from unwanted calls even if you are not a client of this operator. In this way, if they call you from a number considered spam or dangerous, you will receive an instant alert on your mobile phone to prevent you from taking the call.

If, in addition to official service numbers like this one from Correos Express, which you should trust, you also receive annoying or spam calls, you can sign up for the Robinson List , which is a platform managed by the Spanish Association of Digital Economy that should avoid us receive calls for advertising purposes to all the numbers registered on the platform. Its effectiveness is frequently questioned, but it doesn’t hurt to try it.