9 tips to save energy at home

On October 21, the Energy Saving Day is celebrated. And although energy saving is not a matter of a single day, take the opportunity to give you some tips to save energy at home . We tell you how to save a couple of euros on your bill while protecting the planet .

Saving energy (and money) is a concern for many Spanish households. Reducing electricity consumption is easy if you find habits that allow you to save in your day to day . Read on to discover some small changes you can make to consume more mindfully .

We help homes, freelancers and companies to save on their electricity bill. Part of this mission is to raise awareness about the importance of making efficient use of energy and offer advice on the best energy habits . We started!

9 tips to save energy at home

Turn off lights and appliances you don’t use

Do you remember when your grandmother was behind you turning off the lights that you left on? Well, bring out the grandmother in you and learn the lesson: Turn off the lights when you leave the room . An empty room that is being artificially lit is a waste of energy.

The same thing happens when you leave a device on when you are not using it. Remember to always turn off electrical appliances and appliances if you are not using them .

Switch to LED lights

One of the small investments you can make in your home is to change your bulbs for LED lights . LED lighting is more efficient than incandescent lamps as it consumes 80% less energy and has a longer lifespan .

But without a doubt, the biggest premise to save on lighting is to take advantage of natural light as much as you can. Open the blinds and illuminate your home with sunlight. Remember that we are in the country of the sun!

Use energy efficient appliances

Have you ever noticed the labeling of your electrical appliances? Ideally, opt for appliances that have a high energy efficiency label . Technology has advanced a lot in terms of efficiency, which means greater savings and care for the planet.

If you are thinking of renovating your old washing machine or an appliance, get one with an A label. This classification represents a saving of up to 60% than the lower categories . Do not become obsolete or you will notice it on your bill!

Cook efficiently

We don’t care if you are a MasterChef cook or if you don’t go from the microwave. We want to help you reduce your electricity consumption. And you can start saving energy in the kitchen .

Did you know that the kitchen is home to the most consuming appliances in your home? The queen of consumption, without a doubt, is the refrigerator. Avoid trips to the refrigerator. Every time you open the fridge, the cold escapes. In addition, the ideal is not to introduce hot food and to keep it clean .

In the stove, the size of the pan must be adapted to each fire to take advantage of all the energy. And change that worn-out low cost frying pan set at once ! They are usually made of materials that do not conduct heat properly.

And since you start cooking, take the opportunity to prepare several dishes ! The batch-cooking is very fashionable. It consists of preparing the menu for the whole week in one session . So you take advantage of the oven or the kitchen to cook several things at the same time. And by the way, you have to scrub less.

Set up your heating and air conditioning

In winter and summer, air conditioning can be a drain on energy waste. That’s why it’s important to make good use of your heating and air conditioning.

The first thing is to set the correct temperature . Going with the sweatshirt in summer and short sleeves in winter does not make sense if you want to save energy. These are the temperatures that will allow you to be comfortable and save:

  • Heating : between 21ºC and 23ºC.
  • Air conditioning : between 21ºC and 23ºC.

In addition, when you turn on any of these devices, closing the doors and windows will help you maintain the temperature in the room. And if your air conditioning system allows it, heat or cool only the rooms you are in .

Improve the insulation of your home

The windows, doors and even the floor of your house are ways by which energy escapes if they are not well insulated. Therefore, it is important that the house is well insulated.

On a small scale, you can lower the blinds and curtains during the hottest hours of the summer or apply rubber or silicone to the doors and windows . If you want to get serious, install double-glazed windows and reinforce doors to prevent heat or cold from escaping.

Wash with cold water

With the change in rates, many people have begun to wonder what time is cheaper to put the washing machine. But a more important question is how to put the washing machine to save energy .

We recommend washing clothes cold. Don’t worry about how your favorite sweater will turn out. Today, there are detergents prepared for cold washing that are just as effective.

Avoid phantom consumption

Remember that some appliances continue to consume energy once they are turned off . We refer to consumption in ‘stand by’ or phantom consumption of television, chargers, computers …

Unplug any gadgets you’re not using. An easy way to do this is to connect multiple appliances to a smart strip so they can be unplugged with just one click.

Bonus track: find your ideal electricity rate

You are not the same as your neighbor and neither is your energy consumption. Therefore, your electricity rate should be adapted to your needs . We help you find the ideal electricity rate for your home .