7 YouTube channels to enjoy content in 4K and 8K

4K monitors and televisions have seen a general drop in prices in recent years, and this has made the technology much more affordable. More and more homes have one of these devices, or even some more modern ones that are capable of showing us up to 8K. The problem is that it is not always easy to find content that uses this technology, something that makes us not take full advantage of the capabilities of our screen.

7 YouTube channels to enjoy content in 4K and 8K

It is true that streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video have been offering some of their content with UHD resolution for some time, but since they are paid, you may not have access to them. If what you are looking for is to be able to watch content in these resolutions completely free of charge, on YouTube we can find some channels with quality content of all kinds. Below you will be able to select the best channels on this platform to be able to watch content in 4K and 8K .

Around The World 4K

We start this list with a channel that, as its name suggests, will take us to travel around the world. Around The World 4K has a large number of videos that are mostly focused on some of the most important cities in the world , such as Monaco, Munich or New York.

Most of the content that this channel offers is in 4K , but some of its most recent videos are in 8K. We will be able to see in it videos of durations that go between 2 and 5 minutes, with spectacular shots in all kinds of situations or times of the day.

4K TV Wallpapers

This is possibly the channel on the list that has the least support from subscribers, and yet it is the one that offers the most “particular” content of all. Unlike the previous channel, 4K TV Wallpapers offers videos of several hours to put on our televisions and enjoy images that will set any room.

If we carefully review the content of the channel we will be able to see several hours of a sunset , a waterfall or even a campfire on a lake, all in 4K. Great if you have a party at home and want to show off your new TV.

Jacob + Katie Schwarz

This channel is, as its name indicates, owned by Jakob Schwarz, a prestigious American director and cinematographer who takes advantage of this YouTube channel as if it were his portfolio so that we can see how his work is all over the world.

This channel is especially focused on showing us what life is like in several of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet, such as Yellowstone Park or the Andes. When also with a selection of 4K videos recorded in ultra-slow motion .

Balu Relaxing Nature in 4K

Julian Salazar also uses this Balu channel to show us content of all kinds, both in 4K and 8K. While the previous one focuses on landscapes around the world, this one does the same with the local fauna of some countries.

As a curiosity, this channel has a video focused on Niagara Falls, but instead of offering them in 4K, it does so for devices compatible with virtual reality . If you like animals and want to see some of them with the highest quality that your television supports, Balu is a must-see for you.

The HDR Channel

The HDR Channel is one of the longest-running channels that we can see on this list. This one moves away a little from the more “realistic” content of the previous ones, and focuses mainly on small clips or fragments of movies, series or video games.

This channel only has 4K content, unlike the previous ones that already have several videos to watch in 8K. Despite this, it is a great option that has a very varied offer of content.

Eugene Belski

This channel, by contrast, is especially focused on 8K content . Its manager, Eugene Belsky, tells in the biography of the channel that he has collaborated with some of the most important brands in the world, such as Samsung, MSI, Apple or NBC Universal.

This channel is especially useful if you want to try your television’s Dolby Vision , which is a special HDR format capable of displaying spectacular image quality. We can watch videos of all kinds, focused for example on liquids or vegetables of many kinds.

8K HDRChannel

As with the previous one, the 8K HDR Channel is focused, as you can imagine, on 8K content. It is true that the offer of this is much more limited than the rest of the channels on this list, but we have to include it given the high quality of its videos.

In its scarce 14 videos we can see impressive sunsets in the mountains or some impressive images of skyscrapers taken from above. There is also some presence of animals, especially some very rare ones that you may have never seen before.