7 Tips to Save Energy in Your Neighborhood Community

The cost of electricity can shoot up the community fees in your building. Therefore,  we have prepared these tips to save energy in your neighborhood community . If the president or administrator of the farm takes these energy saving measures into account, among all the neighbors you will be able to save on the community electricity bill.

The lighting of common areas, elevators, central heating, mechanical garage doors, automatic irrigation systems…. There are many elements connected to the electrical network in a community of owners that can cause expenses to skyrocket. Putting energy saving measures into practice in the neighborhood community is quite simple and will allow you to use the budget for other improvements.

Now that we care so much about the consumption of electricity at home, why not start looking at the consumption in the community of owners? We are your energy advisers and we believe that with this series of tips to save energy in the neighborhood community you will be able to reduce costs.

Check the contracted power

We will not tire of saying it: one of the keys to saving energy is optimizing your electricity bill as much as possible . And this happens, among other things, by hiring adequate electrical power . This golden rule is maintained if what you want is to save energy in your community of owners.

The power regulates the amount of kilowatts (kw) that you can consume simultaneously without the automatic tripping and producing a power outage. That is, the number of devices that can be running at the same time without tripping the ICP (Power Control Switch).

You must bear in mind that some neighborhood communities, especially those with a lift, tend to have a maximeter instead of the ICP. The maximeter avoids power outages when there is a peak in consumption, since it regulates the electrical power according to the demand at all times.

The maximeter will prevent the lift from stopping in an emergency . In addition, it will allow you to measure the power demanded at all times and thus know what electrical power you should hire.

In any case, one of the keys to saving electricity in your community of neighbors is to adjust the electrical power. If you have too high a power, you will be paying more. If, on the other hand, you hire a power that is too low, you will have power outages.

What electrical power to hire in the neighborhood community? A small or medium community usually needs a power of less than 10 kW . If you have a lift, you should go up to the 10-15 kW section. If, in addition, it has irrigation systems or a swimming pool treatment plant, we would be talking about an electrical power greater than 15 kW.

The best way to optimize the bill is to request professional help to carry out an energy audit that evaluates the electrical power that the building needs. Also, remember that you will have a team of energy advisers who will help you make decisions.

Install LED bulbs

How many neighbors does it take to change a light bulb? This is not the beginning of a joke, but of our next tip to save energy in the community of owners. Changing the lighting to LED bulbs will allow you to reduce electricity consumption by up to 80%.

LED bulbs are much more efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional lamps.

Install motion sensors in common areas

If in your house you are one of those who turns off the lights where it passes, you will understand that lighting spaces where there is no one is a waste of light. To avoid wasting energy, we recommend installing motion sensors in common areas.

With motion sensors, the lights in the stairs, landings and hallways only turn on when a neighbor passes by. Additionally, timers will prevent the lights from staying on for hours without anyone using them.

It is also interesting to sectorize the lighting . This system causes the light to turn on in a specific area rather than the entire floor.

Optimize the elevator

The elevator is one of the largest electricity and maintenance expenses in a community of owners. For this reason, it is important to install elevators with a high level of energy efficiency and to optimize their use as much as possible.

Installing motion sensors so that it only lights up when someone is inside or using LED lights are tips that you already know.

When there is more than one elevator in the community, an interesting measure is to install selective mechanisms . When calling the elevator, these mechanisms will give the order for the elevator that is closest to the floor to come.

Insulate the building

Installing thermal insulation on the farm will prevent energy and heat leaks. In addition, you will reduce the use of air conditioning and heating by maintaining the ideal temperature inside the building . This investment will allow you to save electricity in the neighborhood community.

On the façade, it is advisable to use thermal insulation that includes an air chamber to regulate the temperature. You can also install double-glazed PVC windows that are a good thermal insulator that will allow you to save on heating.

Get the neighbors involved

Without a doubt, to save on the electricity bill of the neighborhood community it is important that all owners and tenants get involved. Uniting to change habits for more efficient ones will help you in your purpose .

At neighborhood meetings, measures can be proposed to save electricity that can be remembered through circulars and posters in common areas. Take advantage of the neighborhood meetings to discuss the issue and propose energy saving solutions in the neighborhood community.

If you have two elevators, it is better to call only one of them to avoid excessive spending. Small gestures like this will help you cut costs.

Hire a cheap electricity rate

Finally, a fundamental point to save energy in the neighborhood community is to hire a cheap electricity. We have electricity rates at cost prices that will allow you to save on your community electricity bill. In addition, you will connect your community to green energy.

Our energy advisers will recommend the rate that best suits the consumption of your neighborhood community . So you can start saving and dedicate the common budget to other items.