6 things you can do today with a satellite deco in addition to watching TV

You may have a satellite decoder at home right now, but you have stopped using it to watch television . More than anything, because this is its main functionality, since they are designed to tune channels through a satellite dish. And it is that, there are not a few users who leave satellite decos aside to watch TV over the Internet. However, there are several things for which these devices can be used in particular.

Beyond helping us watch television by tuning in to satellite channels , there are also other uses that we can give to the deco, leaving aside the clearest and most used option, which is to watch free linear channels that arrive through the air. Therefore, if you had never considered it, these are the 6 things you can do with a satellite deco.

6 things you can do today with a satellite deco

See IPTV links

One of the first advantages that the simple fact of having a deco at home gives us is that, depending on the model we have, the truth is that you can continue to be compatible with the reproduction of IPTV content . So it will be as simple as putting the link of an IPTV list of channels so that we can see it directly on the TV.

Something quite useful if we do not have the option of downloading an IPTV app for the Smart TV, since with the deco it will be more than enough to easily access this content without having to think of another way to access IPTV content.

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Play videos over the Internet

Secondly, in addition to watching IPTV through the satellite deco , we also have the option for the deco to have different apps by default in which, in some cases, they will let us watch Internet videos, as is the case that we stop watching youtube videos.

Although, we can also find other alternatives that offer us the possibility of playing content on streaming platforms. In this way, if we do not have a Smart TV that has all the apps or our TV is not even smart, with a deco we will be able to enjoy watching videos on the Internet .

Add a media player

If in your case you have a deco with Linux , it is time to take advantage of that and install Kodi, a multimedia player, which will allow you to have many more features. And it is that you will not only be able to have the option of playing content locally.

Basically, because by installing Kodi on the decoder you will be able to play links directly from that same interface of the player. More than anything, because this particular program is capable of offering us the option of adding IPTV lists .


Download torrent files

Once again, if the satellite decoder has Linux it will be possible to get torrenting. But, for this, we will need specific plugins like the one for Transmission . With this complement, we will have the opportunity to download content to a storage device that we have on the network or to a USB directly.

Record shows and channels

In the event that we have a deco at home, we will also have the option of using it to record programs that we want or, if we prefer, the television channels. In addition to that we will also be able to access the contents locally, since they will be stored.

We can even see them from outside the house. And it is that, in turn, we can record multimedia content to a NAS that we have connected to the network. In this way, we will be able to record content to a device via USB.

Play content locally

One of the last things that we can do with these devices is thanks to the fact that the vast majority of them have built-in local content players. With this, we can play all kinds of multimedia content that we have on a flash drive or hard drive .

So it is a good alternative if we want to watch a movie or series on the TV , they are even compatible with different video formats. Everything will depend on the model we have. So it is another advantage that we must take into account of the decos.