5G Technology on Mobile Phones: Fake News and Lies about Health

The advancement of technology has always encountered opposition from a greater or lesser number of manufacturers of hoaxes and paradoxes. Any evolution is always taken as an achievement by the majority and as a fear by others. The arrival of 5G in our lives has yet to materialize in a massive way, but the first mobiles that support the new networks are beginning to fall into our hands and with them, the hoaxes about 5G are intensifying.

5G Technology on Mobile Phones

Virtually all major manufacturers already offer 5G mobiles in their portfolio. In addition, we are witnessing the democratization of this technology, which in 2019 was only present in the most expensive terminals and which is penetrating deep into the mid-range. A more solid 5G commercial offer has yet to be established in our country, but in the meantime, the hoaxes about this technology continue to run like wildfire and credulously shared by those without a minimum critical nature so as not to take the first thing that comes our way as a Senate .

5G and its four big lies

5G and the Coronavirus

Linking technology to a global health problem is the perfect cocktail to find potential culprits. There is a famous video in which a young man claiming to be a telecommunications engineer who installs 5G towers, claims to have found a piece with the inscription “COV-19” , when in reality what he shows is a component of a television decoder.

samsung galaxy a90 5g tumbado

The arsonists of the conspiracy attempt to link the increased implementation of 5G to the victims of COVID-19 in each country. However, there is no correlation between the development of this technology and the effects of the pandemic.

5G and satellite radiation

One of the hoaxes with less sense, but shared without thinking by many, is that the 5G of our mobile works thanks to more than 20,000 satellites in orbit that emit radiation. It is totally absurd to relate both technologies, in that 5G works with antennas connected by fiber to achieve a connection with minimum latency, which would not be conceivable in a satellite connection. An example of misinformation in this regard, you have it in this link.

More and more radiation

If the satellites argument doesn’t make sense, the defenders of the fallacies will try to convince you that 5G emits radiation that is harmful to your health. However, 5G technology falls within the radio spectrum for “non-ionizing” radiation, just like radio or television waves. Its lower frequency means that the energy they transport does not alter the electrons of the materials with which it contacts or the cells of the human being.


No, the EU has not admitted that 5G is dangerous

An alleged news item has circulated on social media stating that Brussels has warned that “5G technology is detrimental to Human Health and the Environment.” It is false, since the European institutions have not made such a statement. The reality indicates the opposite, since a study carried out by the professor of radiology Alberto Nájera, and published in Envioronmental Research, established that in a festival (where the concentration of mobile devices is higher) the radiation is between “10,000 and 100,000 times below ”the limits established by the International Commission for Protection against Non-Ionizing Radiations.