5 Video Editing Software You Need To Up Your Game On Mac

Can you edit Hollywood grade videos on your mac? Absolutely! People have been looking for advanced video editing solutions to deploy on their Macs for their on the go editing requirements.

We went through hundreds of available video editing solutions for macs and chose the top 5 platforms that are highly intuitive to use and get the job done precisely.

In this post, we will be looking at the 5 top video editing solutions for mac along with brief details about their feature set that make them highly reliable and ensure that your video processing tasks seem like a breeze.

Youtube Editing

How to Edit Videos for YouTube On Mac

Still wondering how to edit videos for YouTube? 

You would be surprised to know the level of video editing you can achieve on your mac.

Apple’s latest machines are the premier choice for a majority of YouTubers and video creators owing to the expansive video creation support for macOS.

While a few of the tools mentioned are free, some of them come with a hefty license fee or a yearly/monthly subscription charge.

It is crucial that you assess your requirements before spending your hard-earned money.

Moving forward, we will be looking at the product details of these 5 tools that can supplement your video editing requirements.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

This video editing suite is best suited for professionals due to its expansive feature set. It is available for Mac as well as Windows machines.

Premiere Pro CC comes with all the advanced video editing features that you can expect from a professional video editor, and the interface is well laid out and is highly intuitive to use.

It has a long list of supported codecs to choose from, which makes exporting or importing any type of video a breeze and has numerous plug-ins, templates, and scripts baked in the platform.

This is the tool of choice for professional video editors as it streamlines the entire video creation process and provides high-quality audio editing and integrated non-linear video editing.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC may be best suited for your requirements if you require an editor that performs equally well on Mac, as well as on the Windows OS.

2. Blender

If you are looking for a free and open-source 3D video editor, Blender can be a perfect option.

It provides 3D rendering services along with some of the best options that you can use to work with movable objects, animations, shadings, modeling, etc.

Blender’s interface is highly technological, along with a plethora of video editing tools integrated into the platform.

The main advantage of this platform is that it provides high-quality 3D completely free, as opposed to other platforms.

It has all the features that you could expect from a high-end video editing platform and is perfect for 3D-enthusiasts, designers, and artists.

However, it’s less than intuitive UI may deter new users from utilizing the full potential of the platform.

3. Apple iMovie

Apple’s iMovie is a basic video editing app developed by Apple and can be freely downloaded from the Mac App Store.

It is perfect for beginners and has all the essential video editing features that you can expect from a home video editing software.

The fact that it is not a professional software makes its interface one of the most simple and intuitive to use UX’s out there.

It is perfect for creating and editing trailers and comes with numerous pre-installed sound effects that enable you to get creative with audio.

Since it’s backed by Apple’s robust customer support, if any queries arise, they will be taken up on priority.

A well-established iMovie community ensures that you will find answers to every question that you have about the platform.

4. VideoCreek

Unlike the other platforms mentioned on this list, VideoCreek is a completely web-based video editing application that needs no installations and runs entirely on the web browser.

It is an advanced video editor that comes with hundreds of pre-existing templates to choose from and enables you to create an entirely new video within a matter of minutes.

If you are looking for the best free slideshow maker with music integration, VideoCreek can perfectly serve your requirements.

If, while editing your video, you run into any kind of issue, there is 24×7 live support on the video creator console that instantly gets you help whenever you need it.

5. Final Cut Pro X

This Apple developed video editing platform comes with an advanced feature set that includes the magnetic timeline and enhanced timeline index along with many more innovative features

Since it is developed by Apple for its hardware, it enables the platform to push the hardware of mac to the limits and provides the best performance.

It supports up to 64 camera angles with automatic audio syncing that is a boon for professional video creators.

Its expansive codec support includes ProsRes, RED, XAVC, H.264, etc. If you are looking for professional video editing solutions for your mac, look no further than Final Cut Pro X.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a new video editor, a professional, or are simply looking for Mac video editing solutions, the tools mentioned in this post will prove to be of enormous help for you.

There are a number of free video editing applications too that are available for macOS that you must try before settling in for a paid option. If you have video stored locally, you can simply upload the video on the platform by navigating to www.videocreek.com/make/online-video-editor and get your editing started!

Since most of these tools are not cheap, you must do apt research before investing in a platform of your choice.