5 things you didn't know you could do with Bizum

Bizum is a fundamental tool in our day to day thanks to the fact that it allows us to share expenses or pay for any type of thing with friends. When you’re going to pay for a half dinner, buy a gift, plan a trip. But there are also things that you didn’t know you could do with Bizum and that will be very interesting if you use this service every day.

It has become an essential among friends, family. Instantly transfer money from one account to another regardless of the amount and making it easier to manage payments between multiple different people.

5 things you didn't know you could do with Bizum

Send a Bizum using your voice

You can send money through Bizum or receive it without using your hands. To do this, the service is compatible with virtual assistants that allow us all kinds of procedures such as sending money, receiving money or checking the balance.

It may not be available in all bank apps, but check if yours allows it and take advantage of the compatibility with voice assistants to ask Alexa or Google what you want to do.

Collect and pay the lottery

We can pay for the lottery that we buy through Bizum. To do this, we have to go to the bank’s application on our mobile phone and generate the QR code that we are going to use. Once we have it, the person in charge scans the Bizum QR code and you only have to validate the payment and that’s it.

In addition, when collecting the prize, there is no need to validate anything and it is a 100% safe, fast option, with no commissions, no commissions… We can collect prizes of up to 2,000 euros and payments of any amount.


Send photos when you make a Bizum

If you want to give more details about why you are sending money, perhaps you did not know that you can send a photo when you send to whoever you want. It is very simple and we simply have to go to the specific service, choose the option “Send money” and we will see that we can add the concept or an optional message. But at the bottom of the screen we will also see “Add photo”.

It may or may not appear depending on the app we use to make Bizum, but it is an interesting option if we want to attach an image of a purchase ticket, a receipt or any other relevant content.


It may be a function that you already know, but it is very interesting to use Bizum to make donations. We can send money to NGOs or charities that have this system as a payment method. We can search for the different campaigns from the Bizum app or website and we will see a shipping code that will be the one we must use to make the donation…

Among the options we see some of the best known such as Juegaterapia, Red Cross, AECC, Doctors Without Borders, UNHCR UNHCR, Amnesty International, Manos Unidas, Action Against Hunger, OXFAM…


Multiple transfers

The most common is that we make a transfer to a single person but we can also send money or multiple money requests. For example, if you have to ask for the same amount of money from two different people or if you owe the same money to two friends, for whatever reason. We can make multiple transfers or claims up to 30 people at a time and the payment will be instant. Of course, the amounts must be the same and the charges will appear specified, one by one, in the account.

The steps are exactly the same but we must add all the contacts to whom we want to send or request money and the corresponding request or money will arrive individually and without knowing the rest.