5 things HBO Max is missing

Since last October we can enjoy HBO Max in Spain. Although the streaming platform has carried out a facelift to its interface, there are still some services or improvements that we can miss in HBO Max and that we do find in other payment platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video or Disney +.

In addition to the exclusive content that a paid streaming platform can offer, there are other services such as simultaneous playback, downloading titles to watch without an Internet connection or 4K content that could be more complete in the case of HBO Max if We compare it with its main competitors.

5 things HBO Max is missing

Free trial period

Initially, HBO Spain had a free trial period of 30 days, which in 2019 was reduced to a free trial period of only 14 days. With the arrival of spring this year, HBO again reduced the free time to 7 days and, finally, in the summer of 2021 this possibility completely disappeared .

It seems that free trial periods to access streaming platforms are doomed to disappear. One of the last to remove it has been DAZN. Netflix and Disney + have also eliminated this option, so if we want to access their content, we will have to pay at least one month. However, Prime Video does allow us to have a free 30-day trial service.

More Simultaneous Plays

HBO Max has a maximum of three simultaneous reproductions in its monthly subscription of 8.99 euros. It depends if we want to use our subscription in a personal capacity or share it with friends or family, this number may be too short.

For its part, Netflix offers up to four simultaneous reproductions in its premium plan for 17.99 euros per month (4.49 euros per person). A slightly higher price than sharing an HBO Max subscription with three people (2.99 euros per person).

HBO Max España

Higher title download

It is inevitable to compare the options offered by Netflix with HBO Max. While Netflix allows us to download up to 100 titles to be able to watch whenever we want and without having an Internet connection, with HBO Max we can download movies and series up to a maximum of 30 titles .

Depending on the need or interest that we have in accessing the contents of the platform without the need for an Internet connection, 30 titles may be a little scarce if we compare them with the 100 that we can download on Netflix.

History query

Just as other streaming platforms allow us to consult the history of the series or movies that we have seen or are watching, HBO Max does not offer us that possibility. This function may not be essential for some users, but it is always useful, for example, if we share the profile with another person. It is not a super fundamental function, but having it never hurts.

Full catalog in 4K

One of the novelties that has come with HBO Max is the possibility of watching movies and series in 4K UHD. In some selected devices we can watch movies in 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. Some of these films are: Christmas in 8 Bits, Those Who Wish My Death, The Conjuring 3: The Devil forced me to do it or En el Barrio among others.

However, only part of the HBO Max movie and series catalog is available for viewing in 4K. These are some of the particularities or services that HBO Max lacks in Spain. What do you miss in this streaming platform?