5 terrifying video game scenes to die of a heart attack

It is not known why, but it is so. Many gamers like unpleasant, terrifying situations that put one on the edge of what he is capable of supporting, but despite this, they feel a kind of pleasant sensation for having such a bad time. So it’s normal for companies to start developing horror games that sometimes reach levels of gore and tension that are unbearable for most.

When terror knocks at the door

5 terrifying video game scenes to die of a heart attack

The fact is that we have decided to bring five of the video games that have made us have a hard time in recent times. Some for specific scenes and others for a continuous display of violence that places them directly in the dark Olympus of the horror genre. Say first of all that some of the videos you have below are especially violent, obviously exclusive for users over 18 years of age, so this is not your case, please do not hit play.

And as always, remember that everything that happens on the screen of your computer or console is fiction . Nothing is true (luckily). These are the five games we have selected:

Dead Space 2

Although in the title released by Electronic Arts there is a lot of tension throughout its development, there is a specific moment that is the scene of the love of a mother who bends down to pick up the baby in her arms , caress it and snuggle it. What happens next is… well that’s it. Unpleasant?


Luckily it wasn’t a well-known game but it has gone down in history as one of the wildest and most violent in memory. In it there are no moments of terror itself because it is practically all of its entire gameplay of a horror that only those with a better stomach will know how to describe. Without a doubt, one of the worst experiences we can enjoy .


Rockstar North’s game is one of the most remembered when it comes to alluding to gratuitous violence and without (apparent) sense. Its development invites us to execute people we meet with the intention of recording a snuff movie in which we are the protagonists, so it implicitly tells us that what we will see on the screen is completely real. Executions are key to the story, and surely there isn’t one that isn’t horrific and disgusting.

The Evil Within

The game released by Bethesda is one of the best of its kind in recent years and has some truly heartbreaking moments . Like when that ghost woman floating in slow motion appears (suddenly). If you don’t watch out, your heart can stop.

Resident Evil VIII

And we come to a Resident Evil VIII from which, for sure, you will have your favorite terrifying moment well identified… because there are some that leave you breathless. We have wanted to focus on the giant deformed fetus that chases us down that narrow corridor while we look for a way to eliminate it with what we have at hand. The anguish that it generates is enough so that, after finishing it, we take a well-deserved rest.