5 solutions to watch Netflix on your old TV

Smart TVs have revolutionized the way we consume content in our living room. However, if you still have a TV at home that works properly, it is totally absurd to replace it with a smart one. For these cases, there are several alternatives with which you will be able to watch Netflix and other streaming platforms without having to buy a new device. These are the 5 best alternatives that you currently have on the market.

5 solutions to watch Netflix on your old TV

Extend the life of your TV with these devices

If you have a TV at home that is a few years old, you can take advantage of these products as long as your TV has HDMI compatibility:

fire tv stick

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is one of the easiest solutions for turning your old TV into a state-of-the-art device. If your TV has Full HD resolution, both the Lite and the standard models are worth it. In this case, the standard model is these days at a price very similar to the Lite, so we recommend the first.

This device has its own operating system , you can install applications and navigate through its interface thanks to its remote control, which is compatible with Alexa. Today, it is the dongle that has the best value for money.

Google Chromecast

The well-known Chromecast can also be an affordable option if all you want is to put Netflix on your TV. To do this, you will need to have a Netflix account signed in on your mobile phone . From it, you will send the content to the Chromecast of your television. However, for the same price, the Fire TV is a more interesting product at this point.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

It is a very complete dongle with a price of around 40 euros . It connects to the television via HDMI and allows you to enjoy a very complete Android TV system that you can customize with the applications that you like the most. Its remote control allows you to use Google Assistant, so you will be able to give voice commands directly to the television so you don’t have to write.

Chromecast with Google TV

primeros pasos setup chromecas

It is a much more interesting option than the standard Chromecast, although it is also a somewhat more expensive product. Its system is Google TV, which is a customization of Android TV focused on personalization and content recommendation.

Google TV hasn’t stopped improving since it hit the market, and with it you’ll not only be able to enjoy Netflix, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of other streaming services and even access the game in the cloud.

Xiaomi MI TV Box S

Mi TV Box

Another quite interesting device is this Xiaomi set-top box. This device will come in handy if you have a 4K TV whose system has become obsolete. It has a good price and its Android system will allow you to extend the life of your old television quite a bit. If this model doesn’t convince you, both the Chromecast with Google TV that we talked about in the previous paragraph and the Fire TV Stick 4K Max are also very good alternatives.