5 perfect smartwatches for swimming on vacation

5 perfect smartwatches for swimming on vacation

Good weather arrives, high temperatures and we feel like being in the pool, the river or the beach at all hours. So what better way to stay active, full of energy and happy than giving us endless swimming sessions that we can monitor thanks to some gadgets that have proliferated over the last six years. Indeed, it is about smart watches, or smartwatch.

very resistant watches

As we say, if you want to have a busy vacation where swimming plays an important role, nothing like wearing one of these gadgets on your wrist that not only serve to tell us the time, but also have application suites specifically designed to monitor and memorize all the physical activity that we carry out. And not only running, but also swimming.

The problem is that not just any smartwatch will do for swimming. It must be a perfectly manufactured device with a seal designed to prevent water from entering it under certain pressure conditions. Buying a splash-resistant model is not the same as making the leap to another that does have enough certification to withstand the pressure of continuous immersion to depths of several meters. This is where the experience and reputation of the manufacturer in this type of device come into play.

That is why we have selected four medium-high level alternatives, so that the measurements are as precise as possible and, above all, they allow you to transfer all that data quickly and easily to the phone, so that you have at hand how much you have moved and the quality of the exercise you have carried out.

5 watches to swim this year

Here you have the five models that we have selected. Of course, although they all have similar functions due to their status as smart watches, we are going to focus on the swimming exclusives:

Garmin Swim 2

Model designed (almost) exclusively for those who like to swim in summer, so it has underwater heart rate control , a GPS specifically focused on outdoor swimming and is capable of controlling distance, stroke and pace thanks to the information it offers on the screen. It is capable of withstanding immersions up to 50 meters deep.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

This Samsung model has a specific program for swimming , and is capable of recording what our fastest length has been, how many we have done in total, the duration of the training as well as beats per minute, calories consumed, etc. It also allows dives of up to 50 meters.

Garmin Instinct Solar

This watch has an option to configure the size of the pool and adapt the training to its surface. In addition, it is capable of saving the intervals and distances covered in the pool as well as the style of stroke that you carry out. There is also a specific version available for surfing, which is capable of offering us real-time data on tides, the best times to surf, etc.

Apple Watch Series 7

With a resistance of up to 50 meters of immersion, this model that works perfectly with iPhone has a swimming program that is not as complete as those we have reviewed from Garmin or Samsung. Even so, if you don’t want almost professional monitoring, it will help you to take note of distances covered, strokes, etc.

one plus watch

This OnePlus model has a special fixation for swimming, since it includes SWOLF mode with which to monitor swimming (and golf) activity and a posture recognition system that will help us improve our training in the water. With its water resistance of 5 atmospheres and its IP68 certification, it is the perfect companion to jump into the water without fear.