5 Online Services to Encrypt Data Transmitted Over the Internet

Using information l and confidential person, over the years is increasing to such an extent that we keep almost everything on the disk of a PC. Of course, we trust its security, especially if we take certain precautions for example in Windows so that no one can access them.

Whether we are talking about environments related to the professional or home environment, the truth is that today we store files of all kinds on the computer. By this we actually mean professional documents, personal photos and videos, access credentials, banking and medical details, among many others. To protect all of them, we take certain precautions such as setting a password to access the system, protecting the execution of certain programs, hiding folders, etc.

5 Online Services to Encrypt Data

With all this that we tell you what we actually achieve is that access to all personal stored on the PC is much more complicated. Now, we can get to wonder what happens with all this when we use it on the Internet . As you can imagine, a good part of those protections are lost when we transmit those confidential files or folders online. Therefore at this point one of the best options that we can use is to encrypt that data before transmitting it, for example with BitLocker in Windows 10 Pro.

So much so that below we will talk about the main reasons for encrypting this data or information that we are going to use on the Internet.

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By uploading and storing them in your cloud space

Storage spaces in the cloud have become an excellent alternative when it comes to storing content of all kinds on remote servers . These are usually protected by a series of personal credentials for access, but they are kept on other servers. That is why using a previous encryption system will never hurt.

Before emailing them

Another system used for many years is email . Surely many of you send photos, documents or any file to one or more senders in newspapers. To do this, they first take a series of steps online, so they can be intercepted by a cybercriminal . That is why here, if necessary and if the files deserve it, using encryption will not be unnecessary either.

If we share them through P2P clients

We find something similar with P2P networks , whether for public or private use. In fact, if we use the second of the methods, that mode of protection that we are commenting on is especially necessary. And it is that despite the security that this type of transmissions present us a priori, there are always some that are capable of skipping them.

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By sharing them with others on any website

On certain occasions, when working with both personal and professional files , the recipient may ask us to upload the file to a specific website. It is more than likely, more if for example we are talking about medical data or the like, that this website is more than protected, but a security addition will not be unnecessary here.

Using free online platforms to share large files

And finally, we will tell you that there are several online platforms that allow us, for free, to share large files. Although these usually include, from what they assure us, their own encryption systems, using our own we make sure that no one else can access that personal information .