5 iPhone accessories ideal for summer

The potential of the iPhone by itself cannot be questioned, however, to get the most out of it, it is highly recommended to surround it with the best possible accessories. For this reason, and taking advantage of the fact that in summer there is usually a little more free time for users, we bring you a collection of 5 gadgets that will complement your iPhone wonderfully.

Ideal accessories for your iPhone

5 iPhone accessories ideal for summer

There are many accessories that users can purchase for their iPhone, from cables, cases, headphones, speakers, wireless chargers or external batteries. However, not all these accessories are capable of satisfying users in the same way, therefore, below we will talk about 5 ideal gadgets for your iPhone and that you can enjoy to the fullest this summer, either alone or accompanied.

  • MagSafe Duo : Usually during the summer it is the time when most trips are usually made, and it is a real hassle to have to carry different cables in your backpack or suitcase to charge the iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch or AirPods . Apple’s MagSafe Duo is the ideal solution to save you the vast majority of these cables, being able to charge both your iPhone, your Apple Watch and your AirPods on it. Its size is really small, so in a small space you can store and transport it without problems.

iPhone 13 Pro with MagSafe Duo (no case)

  • Anker MagSafe Battery : During this summer you will surely take a thousand photos, you will take many videos and you will even like to share them through social networks. This, accompanied by the typical heat of this time, will cause your iPhone’s battery to be consumed more quickly than normal, so having an external battery will come in handy for those times when your iPhone needs a shot of energy. For this reason, our recommendation, for all users with an iPhone compatible with MagSafe, is this one from Anker, both for its capacity and for how comfortable it is to use.
  • Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 : One of the essential accessories for summer is a good speaker to be able to enjoy your favorite music in your leisure time, to be able to liven up those afternoons by the pool or on the beach, or even set the mood for those quiet dinners by the night. This speaker is one of the best quality / price ratio you can find, it is also ideal for summer because it has water resistance and up to 15 hours of autonomy.
  • AirPods Pro : Since we are talking about music, we continue with headphones, which are surely the best for the iPhone due to the great specifications they have. The AirPods Pro are all-terrain headphones, perfect for listening to music quietly in the pool, going for a run with them, or isolating yourself from the noise of the train or plane during your trip. Their sound quality is excellent, but even better is the noise cancellation they have.

AirPods Pro en oreja

  • Apple leather case : Finally, and since summer is a time when people usually go out and come in a lot, take trips and go to different places, it is very important to have the iPhone well protected to avoid scares. For this reason, our recommendation is the Apple leather case, as it offers great protection while giving the device a really elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, not to mention the wonderful touch it has.