5 essential websites for anime and manga lovers

If you are a fan of anime and you like Japanese culture, there are many websites that you can take into account to watch series and movies, to follow the news and current affairs. If you like Japanese cartoons, write down these websites for anime fans that cannot be missing from your browser’s bookmarks.

Write down these five websites if you like Studio Ghibli, if you know all the Pokémon series by heart or if you have seen all the Dragon Ball episodes.

5 essential websites for anime and manga lovers


Crunchyroll is the website to watch anime par excellence and we have to pay to see some content, but it also has a free option that allows us to watch series and anime at no cost, although watching ads and with lower quality than what we have if we pay. But it is a highly recommended option that we can use from the browser or from the mobile phone to see all kinds of mythical series.

Not only are there series but we can also watch or read manga , we can access a games section or we can go to the news section from where we will follow all the news from the world of Japanese animation with updated information and completely in Spanish of all your series anime or all your favorite manga. Premieres, movies, curiosities and much more.

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Funimation is a platform developed by Sony that allows us to watch anime but it has a drawback: it is not available in Spain and you will need to use a VPN to access the content. But, if you have it, we can access a large number of titles and thousands of series available through the browser.



Although it is not a website to watch anime for free, Kudasai is a portal about news and reviews. News and current affairs on everything related to Japanese culture. News and news about video games, music, news, series, chapters or movies through the different categories available on the website.

We can access different topics on the menu: anime, otaku culture, Japan, live-action, manga, merchandise and figures, light novels, reviews, or video games. And the content is continuously updated to keep you up to date with all the news, changes or news related to anime and manga.


Ramen for two

Another essential is ramen for two. With a manga, anime and video game section, it is a website for anime fans where we can follow all the news related to the genre. We can follow all the reviews of the news on streaming platforms, new news about video games or announcements of new seasons or new Japanese movies.

ramen para dos

Mission tokyo

Like the previous one, Misión Tokyo is one of the best websites to follow everything related to anime in Spain and have all the news on a page where we have news, gift ideas, merchandising, culture, reflections, reviews. The categories of Misión Tokyo are: news, anime Spain, manga Spain, anime Japan, manga Japan, articles, otaku culture and the MT podcast.

There is news every day and regular updates with news, information and all kinds of content that can be interesting if we want to watch cartoons, for example. Misión Tokyo will notify us in the event that the different chains or channels broadcast some Japanese animated series or films or notify us in the event of the release of new manga volumes, new video games.

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