These Are the 5 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020

There are many types of attacks and threats that can arise when we connect to the network. Luckily we have the possibility of also using many tools to protect ourselves. However, keep in mind that certain types of attacks may be more present. Today we echo a prediction about the future of cybersecurity in 2020. We will show what are the 5 problems that can most affect cybersecurity .

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020

Increased capacity of external attacks

Many organizations have suffered external attacks in recent months. There are many threats that can put your stability and security at risk. According to one of the predictions for 2020, this figure will increase. There are more and more devices of what is known as the Internet of Things, as well as the use of the public cloud. This causes that there can be a considerable increase in external attacks on an organization.

Using more connected devices and more platforms that could potentially be a threat causes this increase in the capacity of external attacks. It is not the same to attack a company that has few resources and few means connected to the network, than another that has multiple possibilities.

Thousands of data exposed in the cloud due to bad configuration

The cloud is increasingly used to store information . This is something that must be applied to both private users and companies. However, it must be taken into account that the fact of using the cloud can also be a problem for computer security.

Another prediction for next year goes in this direction. Many companies may have a bad cloud configuration and that means exposing thousands of data on the network. In fact, according to Forbes, 83% of business information and jobs will be in the cloud in 2020.

A large part of cloud security flaws depend on the client. It may be a bad configuration, not having applied security patches, etc.cybersecurity

Reuse of passwords and Phishing attacks

It is not a novelty. Phishing attacks are already a major problem for our security, but it will increase. According to cybersecurity experts during 2020 there will be more attacks of this type and many password losses will be due to using the same password in several sites.

These attacks have a fairly high efficiency in certain situations. Especially if we speak at the business level they are more present and with greater success than at the level of particular users.

Violations of third party data

One of the threats that will be most present during the next year are third-party data breaches . According to Symantec, this has already increased 78% during this year. Mainly it will affect small organizations that cannot afford a large investment in cybersecurity.

Experts say that during 2020 third-party data breaches will be more present than ever at the enterprise level. It will be another problem we have to face.

Problems to comply with safety regulations

This is something that, according to the report, will mainly affect the United States. They ensure that each State has different laws related to network privacy. This means that many workers responsible for compliance with these regulations may have problems in making sure that the correct one is really applied.

This could lead to greater flexibility and cause the security of the network, as well as the maintenance of privacy, to be compromised.

We leave you the full report of these predictions.