5 cases in which you should call a technician and not fix your Internet

There may be things at home that you think you can do without help. The Internet does not work and you fix it, with basic knowledge. But be careful with touching the router, the cable, the patch cord, the socket… There are cases in which it is better to be patient, cases in which you should call a technician and not take care of fixing the Internet yourself because you can spoil it even more and make it more difficult .

Therefore, it is best that we do not experiment ourselves and try what works and what does not and that we let someone with experience check it and solve it in the best possible way.

5 cases in which you should call a technician

I want to change the site router

You may want to change the site router because you have done work at home or simply because you have made a change that needs to move it. Nothing happens if you move it one meter and the cable arrives, for example. But if you are going to change the room, this is complicated because you may damage the fiber cable and be left without a connection.

Can you move it? Power you can move the rosette but you may have problems because the fiber cable can be easily damaged by bending it and trying to wind it, you can make knots or folds that will make it not work correctly. In this case, the best thing you can do is call to see if changing the location router is an option or if there are better alternatives if, for example, you want to change it because there is no coverage in a specific room and it is solved with a repeater.

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The fiber cable has broken

If you see that the fiber cable has broken at some point in the installation, you should contact the operator so that a technician can come to your home and see what options exist. It may be necessary to merge or simply make a change in it, depending on the break and the specific installation.

In any case, it will be difficult for you to fix it yourself unless you have a splicer that allows us to reuse the cable.

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If we have an ONT at home, the Internet does not work for us and we see that the LED corresponding to LoS is red , it is best to call the operator so that they can send us a technician. This will mean that there is a problem with the fiber cable at some point in it, even if we cannot see it with the naked eye.

It could be, for example, that the port in the CTO was disconnected when installing another neighbor, but it could also be that the cable has broken, that a rat has eaten it, that it has been disconnected or simply that it has happened something in case a technician has been doing an installation on a neighbor. In all these steps you will see the LED in red and it is best that you call, communicate it and go to your home to find out what is happening.

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Address change

Although it may seem as simple as picking up the router and plugging it in, logically it is not. If you want to make a change of address and take your fiber connection to a new house, you must call a fiber technician. Contact the operator to send a technician who will be in charge of carrying out the process at the new address, whether there is already a previous fiber installation or if it has to be done from scratch. In any case, you only have to take the router and the power cable and he will take care of everything else.

If you have a 4G router, it will be enough to take it to another address and plug it in, without having to do anything else and without contacting the technician. But it is usually a less common option and you should always notify in case of fiber or ADSL.

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Router lights are on but no internet

What’s happening? There may be several causes that lead to this failure , but generally it will be difficult for us to find it if we do not have enough information on the subject or if we do not know how to do the corresponding tests. In this case, in which everything is apparently fine but the Internet does not work, neither using WiFi nor using cable… the best thing to do is to call. Contact the operator to send a technician to find out the error and fix it.

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