4 Tricks to Improve the Security of Your Google Account

Any service we use every day can leave us exposed at any time. It doesn't matter if it's a social network, a messaging application, an office application, etc. However, there is a company that brings together so many things that elevates this danger to a new level: Google .

The famous search engine is much more than that, hence having well protected data in different Google services is essential. Today, for this reason, we bring you 4 tricks to improve the security of your Google account .

Google account security
Google account security

1. Add another email and your phone number

We know that giving personal information to such important companies always keeps some suspicion. However, on many occasions it serves to add an extra layer of security, as now with Google and the inclusion of another email and your mobile phone number.

A good way to get more security to the Google account is to provide these two data. To do this, enter your account and click on "Privacy and personalization" -> "Security" . Right here, go down until you find a section called “ Methods to verify your identity ”. Put a mobile phone recovery , an email and also confirm the security question, since you are right at the right place.

2. Double authentication

Something that does not fail when talking about privacy is to enable double authentication . This method is already available on almost all important websites, since it adds an extra security factor to your account.

The procedure is the same again: enter “ Security ” and click on “ Authentication or two-step verification ”. From now on, every time you log into Google you must meet two requirements. More laborious, but also safer.

3. Control everything you share

Quiet, we do not refer to what you share on social networks, but to what you provide in your own Google account. If you go back to “ Privacy and personalization ” and then click on “ Personal information ” in the sidebar, at the end of this section you will find a field called “ Choose what other users see ”. The idea is that you put restrictions on almost everything possible. The less information you have in view of anyone, the better for your interests.

4. Revokes access to third-party applications

This is a trick that is often overlooked and works like a scandal. Many of the privacy and security problems we suffer with Google are our own fault, that is, by giving access to third-party applications.

Our recommendation is simple: first of all, do not log in to the web pages through Google , but it is better to create an account from scratch; and the second is that you watch who you have given access to .

Sometimes these applications are no longer useful or are not updated again. However, they have our permissions. If you go back to "Security", in " Third-party applications with access to the account " you can manage the permissions.