4 Must-Do Mac Adjustments for a Superior Computing Experience in 2024

For Apple enthusiasts, setting up a new Mac is almost a ceremonial experience. But beyond the initial excitement, tweaking your Mac’s settings can significantly enhance its functionality and your overall user experience. Here are four crucial adjustments you should make to your Mac in 2024.

These changes are not only free but also impactful—perfect for both newcomers and seasoned macOS users.

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1. Disable True Tone for Better Color Accuracy

True Tone technology is designed to adapt your Mac’s display to the ambient lighting conditions, making the colors appear more natural and reducing eye strain. While this feature is beneficial for general use, professionals in graphic design, photo, and video editing may find it less than ideal as it can alter color accuracy.

How to Turn Off True Tone:

  • Open System Settings.
  • Select Displays from the sidebar.
  • Toggle off the True Tone option.

This simple adjustment ensures that the colors displayed are consistent, irrespective of environmental changes, which is crucial for precision in creative work.

2. Customize Trackpad Settings

The Trackpad on a Mac offers a highly intuitive way to interact with your system. macOS allows for a plethora of customizations to enhance this interaction, tailored to your personal preferences or work requirements.

How to Customize Trackpad Gestures:

  • Navigate to System Settings.
  • Click on Trackpad.
  • Adjust gestures and settings like tap-to-click, scroll direction, and more based on your preferences.

By customizing your Trackpad settings, you can streamline your workflow and make navigation more intuitive.

3. Expand Your Control Center

The Control Center on macOS is akin to a Swiss Army knife—it gives quick access to frequently used controls and settings. However, by default, it may not include all the functionalities you regularly use.

How to Customize the Control Center:

  • Go to System Settings.
  • Select Control Center.
  • Add or remove controls to tailor it to your needs.
  • For quick access, remember the shortcut fn + C.

Customizing the Control Center allows you to adjust settings like brightness, sound, and connectivity features with just a click, saving you time and effort.

4. Add AirDrop to the Finder Toolbar

AirDrop is a standout feature within the Apple ecosystem, offering an effortless way to transfer files across devices. Adding it directly to the Finder toolbar streamlines the process even more.

How to Add AirDrop to Finder Toolbar:

  • Open a Finder window.
  • Navigate to View > Customize Toolbar.
  • Drag the AirDrop icon to your toolbar.

This adjustment makes file sharing incredibly accessible, enabling you to send documents and media to other Apple devices with unprecedented ease.


Tailoring these settings on your Mac can drastically improve your efficiency and enjoyment of the device. Whether you’re a professional looking for precision in creative applications or a general user seeking enhanced functionality, these adjustments are beneficial. Try them out and personalize your macOS experience to better suit your lifestyle and work habits.