3 Tips on How to Use Worn Cards Without Marking the Deck

Some people are into games such as YuGiOh or Magic the Gathering which involve the use of trading cards that are built in a deck. Usually, the deck that a player has will compete against the deck of his opponent, with each of the cards in the deck dictating whether the player won or lost based on their power over the other. If you are keen on playing these kinds of card games, then for sure you already have some worn cards that you still wish to use to add more value and power to your deck. This article lists down some of the ways for you to still use your worn cards without leaving a mark on your deck.

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Use Sleeves

One of the primary things that you can do to be able to use your worn-out cards without marking your deck is to use sleeves. The trading card enthusiasts behind customcardsleeves.com suggest that you customize these sleeves according to your preferences because this can enhance the way you play the game. When your trading cards are in sleeves, you are not handling them with bare hands. Keep in mind that your skin tends to produce oil and moisture that can eventually tarnish the cards in your deck. For this reason, your trading cards should, at the very least, be inside a sleeve from the moment that you purchase them. This will be the first layer of protection for your trading cards.

After ensuring that each of your cards is snugly fit on their sleeves, the next thing that you can do is to invest in stiffer and thicker sleeves. In this way, your worn-out cards will feel the same as the other cards in your deck. Effectively, the rest of the cards on your deck will not be worn out easily since the thicker sleeves will prevent them from bending as much even if you get to use them frequently.

Get a Decent Deck Box

Another thing that you can do to use your worn-out cards without being much noticeable in your deck is to get a decent deck box. This will prove to be beneficial, particularly if you love to travel to join tournaments and games, and a good deck box will ensure that all of your cards are intact, which means that the chances of losing a card in your deck will be slim.

In choosing a deck box, go for one that is made from a rigid material because these are usually more durable, which means that they last longer. You should also go for one that has a lid that can be securely closed to ensure that your cards won’t be scattered inside your bag later on. While these storage cases may prove to be a bit expensive, rest assured that you only need a couple of decent deck boxes with you.

Invest in a Card Binder

Finally, you can also invest in a binder that will keep your cards flat rather than bent. When you keep your worn cards in a binder, they will tend to be flat like the rest of the cards in your deck. This means that they are hardly noticeable when you use them in your deck. Thus, your opponent won’t be able to predict your next move, or when you will use them. The great thing about using a binder is that you are protecting several of your cards at once, rather than protecting them individually. It is still a good idea though to keep your cards in a sleeve even as you store them in a binder.

Proper Card Storage

Regardless of which protection you decide to implement, later on, make sure that you are preserving the rest of your cards by storing them properly. As much as possible, store them in a cool, dark, and dry place. In this way, the humidity in the environment is not too high. Remember that high humidity can damage your cards later on because your card stock will eventually absorb water from the air, making the edges of your card curl.

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For you to be able to use worn cards without easily being spotted in your deck, you can put your cards in a custom sleeve or get a decent deck box. You can also invest in a binder to keep your cards flat, allowing the worn-out ones to be hardly noticeable when mixed with the rest which is still in mint condition. Just keep in mind that before it gets to the point that your trading cards are worn out, take the time to preserve them accordingly.