3 security measures you should use when compressing with WinRAR

File compression is something we have been doing for many years and it has not stopped offering us advantages. From sharing information more quickly and effectively, to saving space on our disk drives. One of the biggest long-standing references in this sector is the popular WinRAR software.

This is one of the most popular file compression programs in the world, so it is also one of the most used. It is true that at first this is a paid application with a free trial period, but with a simple trick we can use it forever without spending a single euro . At the same time, we must bear in mind that if it is one of the most popular programs in this sector, it will be for a reason.

3 security measures you should use when compressing with WinRAR

Among the most important characteristics of WinRAR we can highlight the wide compatibility with all types of file formats that it offers us. Both when opening and creating new compressed files, we would have no problem opting for the format we choose. In addition, it integrates seamlessly with the operating system itself in order to be able to use the compressor in a much faster way. All this not to mention the innumerable additional functions that the program presents us.

With everything and with it in these same lines we want to focus on some of the characteristics related to security that we should not miss. We tell you this because on many occasions we are going to send these compressed files by mail or share with others over the internet.

Take advantage of WinRAR security to protect your files

Especially if it is sensitive information that we do not want to fall into other hands, we can make use of these security features of WinRAR. At this point, the first thing we must take into consideration is that we can scan the compressed files and thus avoid future errors. To do this, we just have to go to the main WinRAR interface, select the corresponding files and click on the Check button.

In this way we make sure that all the data that we are going to share once compressed will not have any errors. But as we mentioned before, it may be the case that we do not want the information contained in these files to fall to other hands. Therefore, what we recommend here is to include a password to access the compressed file . In this way what we do is that anyone who wants to open that file and access what it contains, will have to know that access key.

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This is something that we achieve by simply clicking on the Set password button when generating the tablet as such. But that’s not all, but additionally another security function that we find here is to encrypt the names of the files that we are going to add. This will also allow that the files that are part of the compressed cannot be viewed without that key. As you can imagine, all this will help us, directly from WinRAR, to protect our information before sharing it online.