3 perks your employer should offer you

Everyone knows the main reason why people go to work: a wage. While you may love your job and get a lot out of it, at the end of the day, it’s about getting paid so that you can live the life you want to live. Your employer should be offering you other perks than just your wage, though, during your time there.

These may be dependent on the industry you work in, but here are just a few examples of what your employer should offer you.


More time off

When you go into a new job, it should be made clear to you what your holiday allowance is. This includes public holidays and the amount of notice you have to give when requesting a day, week, or even month off.

Having said that though, there are times where an employer should offer you extra time off. For example, if an event or issue has arisen in your life that requires you to be away from work for a while, you shouldn’t necessarily have to use your allotted time off.

If you have a medical issue that means you can’t meet your work requirements in the way that you normally would be able to, this is a time to speak to those above you and discuss taking some time off work.

While you might have to make compromises, such as taking the day unpaid if you need a lot of extra time off, it should still be available to you in most cases.

The right training

No matter what job you do, you likely need some sort of training now and again. Whether that’s further training in your particular field or area of expertise or just basic health and safety training, it’s important that you are offered this when the time comes.

Say you work in the web industry, a course such as AWS cloud practitioner training can be a great asset to have under your belt and may be the type of training your employer can offer. Having training like this available to you is never a bad idea.

If your field is always changing and evolving, it’s crucial that you are kept up to date and trained regularly. Many businesses get into the bad habit of not properly training their staff and it comes back to bite the employees when they are looking to move to another company.

The chance to move up

You may be very happy in your particular position and don’t see yourself moving up anytime soon. However, this is certainly a prospect that should be offered to you, and even more so if you’ve been there a while.

Too often, employers look outside to fill roles instead of from within. If you have the right skills to move on to another role though and still aren’t being considered, you should raise this with your boss.

The opportunity to grow within the company or business that you work for should be an option to you after a while and you should evaluate your situation if you don’t feel like you’re getting the relevant opportunities.