3 options to have 1 giga fiber for 30 euros or less

In recent months we have witnessed a battle of fiber-only rates that have allowed us to hire it for less than 15 euros per month. The fastest cheap offer we have seen has been that of Orange, which offered 1 Gbps for 18.95 and then 19.95 euros per month. Those offers have already finished, but there are still options to contract 1 Gbps fiber for less than 30 euros.

It costs practically the same for operators to offer you a speed of 600 Mbps than 1 Gbps . However, one way they can get more out of their fiber network is to offer different speed modes. However, there are operators that offer these rates at lower prices, and there are two that are currently the cheapest, with or without an offer.

3 options to have 1 giga fiber for 30 euros or less


Digi has traditionally been the cheapest operator for fiber-only rates . The operator not only already has more than 1.2 million homes with its own coverage, but also offers fiber through the Movistar network throughout the country. However, in highly populated cities or towns, capacity may be slightly limited at peak times, so it is usually only advisable to contract these rates if you live in an area with few people connected to your OLT.

Beyond that, the operator offers fiber 1 Gbps fiber for 30 euros per month with 3 months of permanence , with a price that drops to 20 euros per month if you have direct coverage with them. Thus, until now it was the cheapest 1 Gbps rate that we can contract in all of Spain with a definitive price, but Oléphone has now reached the same level.


As of this week, Oléphone has renewed its fiber and mobile rates, and has lowered the fiber-only rate from 1 Gbps to 29.95 euros per month , the final price. The offer is only available until March 31, 2022, staying at the same price as the 300 Mbps one currently costs. The operator offers Vodafone fiber coverage, similar to what we found in Lowi. Thus, when there is no Vodafone coverage, other operators’ networks are used.

The operator offers the option of not having permanence if you pay a registration fee of 150 euros . In the event that you want free installation, then the permanence in fiber must be 24 months .

Bonuses: Orange

Although it costs just over 30 euros, Orange’s 1 Gbps fiber has been the cheapest we have been able to hire in Spain for the last three months. Unfortunately, that offer has come to an end, where the big operators have buried the hatchet to offer more “normal” rates.

In the case of Orange, the 1 Gbps fiber-only rate costs 30.95 euros per month for 3 months , then rising to 40.95 euros per month . The stay is 12 months .