3 mobiles with more than 1 year that are worth buying

Many people, when buying a mobile phone, focus on phones that have been released recently or within the last year at most. This is a fairly widespread idea and it makes all the sense in the world, since this is how they ensure that the device has a long way to go, although there are exceptions like the ones we are going to show you.

3 mobiles with more than 1 year that are worth buying

If we know how to look back, we find phones that, despite being 1 year old, are a sensational purchase . These will continue to have enough updates ahead of them, they will offer us cutting-edge technology and, above all, they will allow us to save good money. So that you do not make a mistake choosing, we have located 3 smartphones that comply with all the mentioned principles and with which you will win.

iPhone 12 Pro: it’s time to choose it

It will not have the popular Dinamys Island, but this iPhone is sweeping sales despite everything and with good reason. Apple is an expert in creating hype with each device, but it is undoubtedly a company before which we should not fear any fear for getting a phone that was launched a while ago. Like the last model, it has iOS 16 and will continue to be updated for at least another 4 years.

iphone 12 pro mano

We have already commented on some occasion that its cameras are the best that exist when it comes to the Pro model, a compelling reason to achieve it. The same happens with its screen or with the power of its processor, since it is a smartphone with arms to take. A model that enjoys a good battery that works all day long and with which we can get our chests out of the purchase, since it lacks nothing and is now available for 769 euros in its version with 128GB of memory.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: quite a high-end

The next alternative that has the best value for money belongs to Samsung, a smartphone that was born with that idea and that also has many updates left, with a minimum of 3, for the operating system, but many more patches. It is about to reach a year of life, but remembering that it was launched a little later than expected due to supply problems, which was good for it to have a longer run.

Cámara trasera del Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

It is not necessary to spend a fortune on another new model, because we can buy this S21 FE model with 128 GB of memory for 485 euros . A price that contrasts with the more than 700 euros that it cost as soon as it was presented at the beginning of this year. These months have helped it establish itself in the market and get within reach of those looking for a complete phone (quality screen, good cameras, power and great design).

Google Pixel 6: Android in its purest form

It has more than a year of life, but Google has shown us that it has everything to be another great manufacturer of smartphones. Those who are looking for a phone that is easy to use, that is always up-to-date and also with cameras that are surprising in their results, should opt for the Pixel 6. It is a model that will have updates until October 2024 and patches until 2026, so it is an ideal choice.

Google Pixel 6

The current price is 549 euros, while at its launch it reached 649 euros. A discount of 100 euros that leads us to get a mobile that not only stands out for what we have mentioned, but for its good construction or because it can move everything. It has a chip that masters artificial intelligence and that helps it to always give the best response in day-to-day applications or in games.