15 Tricks that Improve Your YouTube Experience

YouTube is a social network of videos that can be improved: we can barely configure the playback screen, we cannot create “brands” in the videos… To expand and improve your YouTube experience, we recommend 15 websites and extensions, all free, all easy of using.

Customize YouTube
Customize YouTube


ImprovedTube is an extension that allows you to tune YouTube as you please. Would you like the playback window to be larger? Adjust its size. Do you get tired of the white background, because you consider it too bright? Try your twilight background. Automatic pause, ad blocking, hiding items ... Accounts with 42 customizable functions in total, all accessible with one click.


YTCutter is a web service that knows that many times you are not interested in downloading the entire video but only need a scene, a little piece. This web app allows you to create and download the piece of video you want to download. You have support like Preview Mode and you can download the clip in MP4 format, as a GIF file, an audio file ... Easy and quick to use.

YouTube Decade

YouTube Decade is a curious and fun experiment that shows us the most watched and most successful videos of ten years ago. Every day, developer Bennet Feely hangs eight videos that petated him ten years ago. To prevent all videos from being musical, YouTube Decade is divided into eight categories: music, comedy, sports, video games… You can go back to previous days so you run the risk of getting hooked on this time machine.

Mirror the Video

Do you use YouTube videos to learn choreographies? Then you need Mirror the Video in your life. This service rotates the videos horizontally so that it is easy for you to imitate the youtubers who dance or dance. You don't need to visit their page; in the URL of the video you just have to replace youtube.com with mirrothevideo.com and that's it.

Bookmark It

Bookmark It is an extension that allows you to create bookmarks in your favorite YouTube videos. Possible uses? Hundreds. If you listen to many audiobooks on YouTube, it will help you remember where you left the story. Or if you consume many educational videos, you can make notes and see them later. In addition, the algorithms behind the extension discover the best parts of the video, saving you the most boring or those that are merely promotional.

YouTube Channel Crawler

YouTube Channel Crawler was born with the premise that there are so many channels on YouTube that it is impossible for you to know everyone or find those that interest you with the normal search engine. In Channel Crawler you can search for channels by theme, language, country ... and even add conditions such as minimum number of views or the last time a channel was updated.

Turn Off the Lights for YouTube

Turn Off the Lights for YouTube is an extension that obscures the entire screen except the YouTube playback screen. This way, you can fully focus on the video in question. The extension goes beyond YouTube and also works on other video sites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe ...

YouTube Rabbit Hole

YouTube Rabbit Hole is an extension that declares war on procasting. How many times do we go on YouTube just to watch a video, but then we fall under the trap of recommendations or automatic views? Rabbit Hole deactivates all possible distractions and replaces them with adorable tips to get you to work as soon as possible. That then you go to the wall of Facebook or engage in a war of comments on Twitter is something else.

YouTube Caption

YouTube Caption is a web service that collects all the subtitles of a YouTube video and passes them to you in text format. It is ideal to have on hand the texts of informative videos such as TED Talks or other more educational. At the time of writing this news, YouTube Caption is not a perfect service (it would be ideal to be able to download the text in Word or similar format, for example) but it fulfills its function.


SponsorBlock goes beyond the typical adblockers. Today, in addition to literal ads, many videos on YouTube include promotional segments, sometimes at the beginning (they are the easiest to avoid), sometimes in the middle of the usual content. This extension takes note of user alerts about promotional sections and saves them. Remember to also notify SponsorBlock to add your grain of sand.

Clickbait Remover for YouTube

For some time now, YouTube has been flooded with click-images, that is, header images that seek to amaze or alter you instead of faithfully displaying the content of the video. Clickbait Remover for YouTube removes these images and replaces them with moments or scenes that actually take place in the video.

Enhancer for YouTube

Enhancer for YouTube is an extension that brings together a lot of useful features. Here is a sample: you can control the volume level or the video playback speed with the mouse wheel; you can add channels to a white list so that your ads don't block and so you can support them financially; you can increase the size of the playback window beyond the "legally" allowed ...


Wouldn't it be great if there was an internal search engine on YouTube to find the section of the video that interests us? Invideo is an extension that more than meets that desired function. You put a word in your search engine and it will look for it in the subtitles. Obviously, this extension works best in educational videos, informative, speeches ...

Audio Only YouTube

Audio Only YouTube is a perfect extension if you use YouTube a lot as your alternative Spotify. Turn off the video and leave you alone with the audio, so you can enjoy your favorite songs while saving a reasonable amount of data.

Magic Actions

Magic Actions is an all-in-one extension: it includes ad-block, day / night mode, a volume controller through the mouse wheel, a cinema mode with 20 themes and the ability to customize your colors, quick access to your history to review and / or delete it ...