13 Crucial WordPress Maintenance Tasks to Perform Regularly

With the increased use of the internet, WordPress has become a crucial tool in managing websites. WordPress maintenance is also integral when it comes to managing your website. Let’s look at some tips that will help you maintain your website regularly. These tasks must be done with proper instructions so that you can keep your website updated.


Update Passwords

Passwords are your first line of defense against an attack from unauthorized access. Creating strong passwords is something that holds immense importance for a WordPress user. Make sure that your passwords aren’t easy to crack. Make sure to use letters and different symbols in your passwords. Some people use the same passwords for multiple website. This might be a mistake because if someone figures out your one password, all your critical data might be at risk.

Even if you are using pretty strong passwords, they can be exposed by hackers. Try to update your passwords regularly. A big part of site maintenance is changing your passwords to avoid a cyber threat. WordPress experts from all around the world highly recommend changing your passwords monthly.

Many people have lengthy and complicated passwords on their websites. This can be a pain because if you ever forget your password, there can be dire consequences. Many people use password management apps that store all their passwords. Doing this will make your life easier, and you can update your passwords regularly without any hassle.

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Make and Verify Backups of Your Website

Backing up your site is a significant part of website maintenance. You never know when your website might get attacked. Most hackers delete the website data, and all your hard work might be in vain. Backing up your website might be the perfect solution to your problems. Managing a website on WordPress is hard and tiring work. It can take up to 2 months to make your website according to the requirements. However, your site’s data is never entirely secure. No matter how many encryptions you put on your website or how regularly you change your passwords, you always have to be extra careful. Even if you perform regular backups what must be done to ensure safety is that your backups must be frequent. For instance, a weekly backup might be a good option if you want to keep your data safe.

The frequency of your backup varies from website to website. If you have a website that does not change frequently, monthly backups would be a better option.

Check and Update All WordPress Files

If you want your website to work in optimal condition, updating all files is very important. These files get regular updates that make your user experience better. If you don’t update WordPress files, you might find it hard to manage the website.

Make sure that you check for updates every week. Look for updates for WordPress Core, Themes, and Plugins. These updates are also important because a new feature in the update might make website maintenance duties easier than before.  You can always find a better theme in the update and overhaul your design to ensure you are in sync with the latest website themes.

Some people are also worried if the new updates will be compatible with their websites. To ensure that you are compatible, check the updates with a similar staging website. This will get you a good idea of whether updating would be a good decision.

Moderate Comments

If your website is an interactive one, there must be many comments. While having honest customer review is a good thing for your website, you have to make sure that the comments are not compromising your website’s appearance.
It is integral to remove any harmful or inappropriate comments from your review section.

Most of the spam comments come from bots and spam software. These comments can be very harmful to the website and the goodwill of the brand. It is necessary to weed out these comments from your website.

Some people end up using various tools to remove spam comments automatically. This is not an effective way because this software sometimes removes legitimate comments rather than spam. You must:

  • Set aside time to check all the spam comments combined from your comment remover tool, among many other website tasks;
  • Give the comments a quick read and check if a legit comment is identified as spam;
  • Just remove that comment from the deleting section, and you’re good to go.

Checking each comment in the spam sections can become a hassle. However, to free your website from inappropriate comments and not miss a genuine one, you have to go through this process.

using laptop

Optimize Your Images

If you want your website to generate the maximum traffic, you have to be creative about it. Images are the best way to make your website appealing. A user will immediately leave your website if something does not get him hooked on it. Make sure to use colourful and catchy images on your website.

Looking at the same images several times can get mundane. Try to optimize and change your images every week. This will give a fresh look to your website pages and attract more people to check it out.

Always remember that it takes time to load a picture on a website. Ensure that you optimize your pictures so that they don’t take up much space on your website. A picture that takes more space will make the website loading slower, affecting the customers.

Try to format your pictures efficiently and compress them so that they don’t take up much space. Not just pictures, but using fonts that consume more memory also slow down your website. Try using simple fonts and images with compressed formats to speed up your website and make it easy to use.

Find and Fix 404 Errors

Website repair is a crucial task in WordPress management. Whenever a user requests a page that does not exist on your website, he will be shown a 404 error. These kind of errors are very frustrating, and they add up to an awful user experience.

Four hundred four errors are easy to fix. However, you have to identify the errors in time. Most people don’t even know that users are having a bad experience with the 404 errors. These errors also occur if the user mistyped a letter or word in your website’s URL. You don’t have to worry too much about this error but check online for some permanent solution. For instance, people re-direct the mistyped URLs to their original website using several tools. Look them up, and you can get rid of 404 errors.

Find and Fix Broken Links

As your website grows, you will soon realize that some external website you linked to your pages does not exist anymore. This might cause some blank spaces in your pages. This looks very unprofessional, and it might repel traffic.

Your website must have an impeccable layout. If you want to build your brand image, try to clarify every inconsistency in your web pages. Right after the WordPress login, try to go through all the pages. Think of it as proofreading a document before sending it to your professor.

Sometimes you might find broken lines and gaps on your web page without any external problem. WordPress is complicated to use. You might mistakenly upload a broken image on your website. Always make sure to use high-quality graphics to give your website a neat and professional look. In your free time, go through your website from a consumer’s point of view. This will help you identify all the problems associated with broken links, and you can quickly rectify them by WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems that you can use. It has many features that can help you edit and change your website.

Test Key Forms and Features

WordPress form builders like WPForms can help you create forms on your website. You can edit out these forms to make them more appealing for the end-user. However, sometimes problems occur in the hosting, making the forms unavailable. Your email service provider can instantly stop sending emails without any reason. Make sure that you check your email service provider regularly to avoid any problems in the form section. Try to keep your website updated to any new plugin. These updates will automatically fix your errors and notify you within the hour.

Most websites have necessary forms like Checkout forms etc. You might get no response and zero sales a week, and you might wonder the reason. You might soon realize that your website is not sending forms to the required customers. It is essential to check and test key form features weekly to ensure that the process is smooth and without error.

Troubleshoot Maintenance Tasks

Whenever you come across a problem affecting your website, make sure that you troubleshoot maintenance tasks. Automation of the website’s maintenance is essential, but you have to troubleshoot each task to check if it’s working correctly. Always try to perform these tasks manually to reach the root of the problem and amend it before it gets too late.

You can always run the maintenance tasks on a staging site to check if they work better. When you are satisfied with the result, implement those tasks on your actual website. Once the tasks are live, you can check them on your website and confirm if they are working correctly.

If you don’t run a staging site, you will have to encounter some errors and slow processes on your pages. The only way to deal with this problem is to put your website in maintenance mode.

Optimize Your Database

All the data on your website is stored in the WordPress database. This database contains all the content of your website, including pictures, comments, fonts, and any additional data that you added. As time goes by, your WordPress database might gather the information that is no longer of use. An overcrowded database with unnecessary information might clog your website and result in slower loading time.

Optimize your database by removing any extra data that is redundant. When you remove any extra content, it will automatically get easier to navigate around the database. You can eventually clean the clutter, improve database performance, and remove defragment tables. This cleansing will help your website run at a better speed.

Perform A Thorough Content and SEO Audit

A content audit is an essential maintenance task. It helps you identify whether your content is worth posting or not. Google Analytics will tell you what the traffic is doing on your website. This will help you make informed decisions on how to change your content to maximize viewership.

Additionally, you can find keywords that are most searched in your niche and use them in your content to rank your website. The process of adding relevant keywords to your content is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Even with having a good SEO score, you can still improve your content by adding better pictures with more graphic images.

Review Security Logs

Most WordPress users don’t realize that their site is under attack until they see the problems in the processes. It is proactive to review the security logs constantly to make sure that there are no issues. The security logs will identify and notify and suspicious activity on your website before it causes any harm.

You can also go to the WordPress plugin directory and add a security plugin to your website. Having a separate plugin for security might make your work easier and protect your site from harmful attacks.


Check Google Search Console

Google search console can help you find and search for keywords that will help rank your page on the search engine. You can use many other tools to find appropriate keywords for your website. Many tools perform search Engine Optimizations, and you can find the one that suits you the best.


WordPress maintenance will take your website to great lengths. It helps you check the problems, and you can easily find solutions. It is advisable to have a website maintenance checklist to keep track of all your tasks. Whenever you complete a task, cross it out from your list.