10 secret codes for your Movistar mobile

If you have a mobile phone with Movistar contracted as an operator, there are a series of codes that you can use and that will make your life easier. Generally we will use the web page or the application to access the client area and from here manage everything necessary, such as configuring call waiting, answering machine, etc.

But it is not the only way. It is not necessary to access the client area, but we can use secret codes for your Movistar mobile that give us the option of accessing different hidden functionalities that we can activate or deactivate just by dialing a series of codes that allow us to access functions that are always they have been there, before the use of mobile applications on smartphones, and that we can continue to use now if we want to have everything at hand and in a simple way.

10 secret codes for your Movistar mobile

Shortcuts and secret codes

If we want to perform all kinds of functions, write down these codes. Generally we will have to dial a symbol on the mobile phone such as the asterisk or the hash mark along with a series of numbers and press the button to pick up the phone. They are easy to use and will remind you of when decades ago you used to check your balance using this method and with no other option to do so, as it is today.

  • Check the IMEI

If you want to check the IMEI, we must press the code *#06# and the IMEI number of the terminal that we may need for any process or management will automatically appear on the screen. It is a code that we can use in all operators regardless of what you have contracted, it works in all of them.

  • Check balance

If you are a prepaid user, you can press *133# to check your balance. In addition, we can dial the code *111*Númerodetelefono# to send balance to the number you have entered if you want to share it with someone so that they also have it.

  • Call waiting

You can turn call waiting on or off. You activate it with *43# and deactivate it with the code #43#, both dialed from the mobile phone keypad.

  • Call Forwarding

If we dial *21*NumeroDeTelefono# we can activate the unconditional call forwarding and with the code #21# this call forwarding function is deactivated.

  • hide the phone

If we want to hide the phone number, we press *31 when making calls. If we want to show it again, we disable it with #31 when calling.

  • Selective Call Rejection

If you dial *93# you can activate selective call rejection. To add numbers to which you want to reject, enter *93*phonenumber# and to remove them from this list, enter *93#phonenumber#. To deactivate this selective call rejection function, press #93#.

  • Modify PIN

**04*PINOld*PINNew*PINNew# – With this code, which is a little more complex than the previous ones, you can modify the PIN of the card.

  • Call the last number

*92# with this code we can call back the last number that made an incoming call to our phone without having to go to the phonebook or search for it.

  • restrict calls

If you want to use a code to restrict calls, you can do it with *35*0000# and deactivate it with #35*0000#.

  • Block outgoing calls

If you want to block outgoing calls, activate the function by dialing *33*0000# and deactivate the function by pressing #33*0000#.