Zoom For Home: Device for Professional Video Calls with Zoom

Zoom, despite numerous criticisms for security reasons, has been one of the fastest growing companies since the pandemic began. Therefore, taking advantage of the traction achieved, it launches a 27 ″ screen designed exclusively for videoconferences. Does Zoom for Home make sense?

Zoom for Home

Zoom For Home

The saying goes that crises are always times of opportunity and it is true. From each of them there was always someone who came out reinforced thanks to the opportunities he knew how to take advantage of. In the current health crisis, Zoom has been one of the companies that has seen its business, that of video calls, grow exponentially . And that has also been criticized for security issues.

However, it seems that none of that has prevented them from seeing that there is a possible market for a new device designed solely and exclusively to make video calls in a very professional way. Zoom for Home is a 27 ″ touch screen that is designed to conduct video conferences with total comfort and the best possible audio and video quality. All without having to mount an important shed with a camera, microphone and different cables in between.

This new device, which for now will only be available in the United States, is not really a creation of Zoom but there is another company behind it in charge of the hardware. It is DTEN, a company with experience in this of devices designed for conducting video calls in professional environments.

They have built this 27 ″ screen where various elements stand out. On one hand the panel, for its diagonal and for being tactile. What in theory would give a somewhat more natural experience when making video calls and you have to consult data or interact with the screen elements. Then there is the inclusion of a system made up of   for audio.

All this hardware is designed to offer superior quality to common systems that many of us have been with and we may even continue to use to work remotely. And of course, all that thought to use with Zoom, the software that the company with the same name integrates by default.

A product with little travel

Despite being a striking product in terms of features and options , this Zoom for Home created by Zoom and DTEN itself is really going to have little travel, because few really need it to work from home.

So, without doubting that your hardware is worth the $ 599 they ask for it, the truth is that few will be the ones who really bet on it. It is for such a specific niche, that it is even surprising that they make such a move where even the DTEN OS operating system is uniquely and exclusively designed for this.

With some simple tricks and considerations, the quality of a video call with the own hardware that you can have by using your smartphone, tablet or computer is already more than enough. What’s more, normalizing video calls for everything when some issues could be resolved with a couple of emails is not the solution.

Anyway, for those looking for something like this it may be striking. Although, as we said before, it is likely that beyond the United States it will not come out . And if what you need is a device to make video calls with family and even colleagues, an Amazon Echo Show may be more than enough. And we think, the video quality may not be outstanding, but the audio quality is going quite well. After all, it is a smart speaker with a camera, so understanding perfectly what you ask from Alexa is its priority.