YouTube recoils: it will not annoy you more for not paying

A few days ago a bomb jumped on the video platform owned by Google. YouTube was experimenting with blocking 4K resolution for those without a YouTube Premium subscription.

After the complaints of the millions of users who use the platform daily with a free plan with ads, it seems that Google has decided to back down and not impose that payment wall.

YouTube recoils

YouTube first tested with more ads

Despite this backtracking, it is clear that YouTube is trying different ways to impose restrictions on free users or increase the hassle of using the service with ads.

A few weeks ago, the test turned out to be with the increase in ads needed to watch a video, with up to 12 ads in a row according to some reports. Previously, some users complained about only 6 so-called “bumper ads”, with no possibility to skip.

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So, after testing up to 12 ads on YouTube for non-Premium users, now some users reported that they also have to get a Premium account just to watch videos in 4K.
October 01, 2022 • 19:05



Available on desktop and mobile, a bumper ad is a short video ad that plays before, during, or after another video on YouTube. The video can be up to six seconds long, and the advertiser pays based on the number of impressions, which is the number of times the ad is shown. Unlike other advertising videos, it is a more attractive format for brands precisely because it cannot be skipped, so the impact on the public is greater.

Restrict the best resolutions without Premium

Later came this test where 4K resolution was not available for those who did not have YouTube Premium . Some YouTubers on Reddit were finding that the word “premium” was appearing next to the 4K option on YouTube videos. It turned out that these people were part of a small experimental group where YouTube was testing the idea of blocking resolutions of 4K and above. It was quite clear that they did not like the idea.

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@nandan_priyansh we’ve fully turned off this experiment. viewers should now be able to access 4K quality resolutions without Premium membership. we’re here if you have other q’s
October 17, 2022 • 06:39



“We have completely disabled this experiment. Viewers should now be able to access 4K quality resolutions without a Premium membership.”

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription (11.99 euros per month) that, in addition to allowing you to enjoy videos without ads on your mobile, computer or enabled TV, while using other applications or with the screen locked, also gives the user the option of download directly from YouTube and access the YouTube Music Premium music platform.

With this experiment now over, hopefully the folks at YouTube will think of something better to offer to Premium subscribers instead of taking something that was already free for ages.