Comparison: YouTube Premium vs YouTube Music Premium

YouTube-MusicEverything you are looking for is on YouTube. The Google video platform has become an essential tool in which we see all kinds of programs, songs, cartoons, children’s videos … Therefore, and aware of its popularity, YouTube launched two services in 2018: YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium But what differences are there between them? Which one suits you best? We compare the two services and everything they offer, we face both services and analyze the price, characteristics or possibilities of each of them, as well as their similarities or differences.

Both services are paid and maintain the essence of the Google platform and with access to the content you already see but with some “extras” that you will get in exchange for a monthly cost.

Youtube Music

In the case of YouTube Music, this is the option to compete with Spotify or other music platforms such as Apple Music. YouTube has become a dissemination tool for beginning artists but it is also one of the most used tools when we want to listen to current great hits or watch a video clip that has just been released because it has the advantage of offering us video beyond simple Sound, like other platforms. We have the video clip, special videos, acoustics at home, concerts … And for this audience, who wants more than listening, YouTube Music is focused.

YouTube Music allows us to save the ads that appear before or during the videos. You don’t have to wait a few seconds until it starts but it will do so directly. In addition, it has a specific application where you can find new artists or meet the news of singers or groups that interest you, with millions of songs available to listen to. The search engine is especially focused on music lovers and will show you recommendations according to your tastes, it will allow you to enjoy exclusive content or artists that start.


One of the main advantages of YouTube Music over the usual version is that it allows us to play music in the background . If you use the conventional platform application and open another app, the music stops. But for the members of this program, the music will continue playing. You can turn off the screen or use other applications and the song will continue playing until you decide.

Another advantage, and as important as the previous one, is that you can download music to listen to it offline . If you are going to travel by plane without connecting to the Internet or if you do not want to run out of data you can save the music and playlists in the memory of your smartphone and listen to them from the YouTube Music app even if you are not connected to the Internet, wherever you are .

YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Premium

If you want many more options and possibilities than the previous one, YouTube Premium is the best option for streaming video fans. Not only does it include all the advantages of YouTube Music but it also offers exclusive content, features for children, content for gamers …

The main advantage of YouTube Premium is that you can watch videos without interruptions and without ads . Whatever video you are interested in and its theme, you can enjoy the content without advertising during or at the beginning. In addition, as in the previous case, you can continue playing the content even if you change the application or even if you turn off or lock the screen.

Another advantage is that it goes beyond music and you can access YouTube Originals, series and original movies from the streaming platform that you can only see if you are part of the subscription plan. Or, for gamers, it allows you to watch videos without ads, offline or in the background from the YouTube Gaming application . It also offers you improvements in YouTube Kids: it allows you to play without ads or need to connect to the Internet when you watch children’s content.

In addition, YouTube Premium offers, in many countries, the possibility to enjoy Google Play Music at no additional cost to listen to the songs you want online or offline or access thousands of albums from your groups and artists.

Prices and plans

The price of YouTube Music is 9.99 euros per month with a free trial month. It has no permanence and you can cancel whenever you want. You can also enjoy student plans and offers or family plans. For students, you have a free trial month and a price of 4.99 euros per month as long as you meet the requirements and with the obligation to verify annually that you are still a student. In the case of Google’s family plans , YouTube Music Premium will cost you 14.99 euros per month (along with a free trial month) and you can add up to five members of your family unit who are over 13 years old.

YouTube Music PremiumYouTube Premium
Price9.99 euros11.99 euros
Student price4.99 euros5.99 euros
Family plan14.99 euros€ 17.99
Free monthYesYes

YouTube Premium has a free trial month and a price of 11.99 euros per month with periodic billing and without permanence, you can cancel whenever you want. There are also family plans or student discounts. The family plan allows you to add up to five members of your Google family unit, over 13 years old, for only € 17.99 per month and with a free trial month. In the case of being a student you have one month of trial and it will cost you 6.99 euros per month if you meet the requirements demanded by Google and do an annual verification that shows that you are still a student. You can only enjoy this student offer for a maximum period of four years.

Conclusion and summary

If you use YouTube to listen to music or watch music videos, it will cost you much cheaper and it will be enough to bet on YouTube Music. If you want all the advantages and don’t mind paying a little more, YouTube Premium offers you all YouTube without ads, background playback, downloads, YouTube Music and YouTube Originals. For only two euros more per month you will have many more possibilities. You can see all the differences, summarized, in this table:

YouTube PremiumYouTube Music Premium
Music without adsYesYes
Video without adsYesDo not
Background PlaybackYesYes
YouTube OriginalsYesDo not
Improvements in YouTube KidsYesDo not
YouTube Gaming improvementsYesDo not
Price11.99 euros per month9.99 euros per month