YouTube looks bad, but it's your fault: change this

At this point, we don’t need to talk about everything you can find on the streaming video portal owned by Google, YouTube . To all this, we must add that we have the possibility of enjoying all of this from practically any device, operating system or platform.

Over time, both the web version of this video portal and the different applications available have not stopped improving. With all this, what is tried is that we have the best possible experience when playing this content via streaming. In addition, many other factors come into play here, such as the connection we have, the hardware from which we are playing, or the data we want or can spend.

YouTube looks bad, but it's your fault: change this

That is precisely why the heads of YouTube try to offer us everything we need to be able to adapt the consumption of this content to what we need at all times. Be that as it may, in most cases what we are going to require is to be able to view those videos in the best possible way , although the rest of the variables are somewhat limited. It is for all this that we are going to talk about a series of changes that you can make on the YouTube website so that the content that we are talking about looks better.

Activate cinema mode

By default, this streaming video portal provides us with a window that is never of a default size when it comes to playing content. Surely we are aware that either by double clicking on that window or pressing the F key, we can see the selected file full screen. However, to better visualize what we have loaded in the player of the YouTube web version, without using the full screen, we can opt for what is called Cinema mode .

We activate this through an icon located in the lower right corner of the player as such. In the same way we have the possibility of pressing the T key to activate it more directly and improve the visualization of all this content.

Increase video quality on YouTube

Another of the most important changes that we can make when watching our favorite videos on YouTube is to change the established resolution. This player allows us, depending on how the content was recorded, to choose between various qualities . Obviously as we increase it, the data consumption will also be higher, but we will be able to see the videos much better.

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At the bottom of the player we find a gear-shaped button where we can set the highest quality possible or available at that time. As you can imagine, this will significantly improve the quality of the image that will be displayed on the screen.

Change your screen resolution on the system

Leaving aside the player as such that YouTube offers us here, it is also important to set an appropriate screen resolution in the operating system. In most cases we will find Windows on desktop computers, so we just need to right-click on the Desktop to opt for Display Settings.

In the new window that appears, the best we can do is set the resolution recommended by the operating system itself. This way we improve the viewing quality of the videos on YouTube and the rest of the system.